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Mon, Dec 25
Messy Chaos at the Wet T-Shirt Contest
Amy and Jacy get into a pie fight at a wet t-shirt contest
Amy and Jacy get into pie fight at a wet t-shirt contest. Lots of hard pie hits to the face from both girls. Along with titty slapping and pulling.
Mon, Dec 18
Don't Order The Special
Amy and Karly are destroyed at a restaurant when they order the special
Amy and Karly Salinas are destroyed in all kinds of mess when they order the special at a restaurant.
Mon, Dec 11
Karly Salinas Becomes a Messygirl
Jacy initiates Karly Salinas
Jacy is on hand to give Karly Salinas her Messygirl initiation. Karly is very nervous as Jacy administers the pies and slime. Total head to toe coverage for Karly.
Sun, Dec 10
Mrs Bee's Midnight Mess
Our 4th Messygirl Comics Episode
Mrs Bee has a secret life in this issue of Messygirl Comics.
Mon, Dec 04
Auntie Emma's Playhouse
It`s messy chaos on the Auntie Emma`s Playhouse Show
It's "The Auntie Emma's Playhouse Show" starring Emma and co starring Bobo the Bear. Emma welcomes the viewers and tells them the show is brought to them by the letter P and number 10. She tells Bobo she wants him to help her by showing what begins with the letter P. He shows a pencil and then ten pencils. That is followed with ten sheets of paper. Then he shows a pie, but Emma wants to know if he has ten pies. That turns out to be the wrong thing to ask, because Bobo proceeds to slam 10 pies hard into Emma's face. He even adds an 11th pie for good measure. Emma is pissed and fires Bobo on the spot. This makes Bobo very mad. So he strips Emma's top off and pours green slime over her head. Bobo even grabs her tits a few times during the assault. The scene cuts abruptly with a technical difficulties notice. When the cameras are back on, we see Emma trying to clean off, but soon discovers that she is becoming aroused. She then preforms for the camera with her new show "Auntie Emma After Dark".
Mon, Nov 27
The Bakers Strike
Amy is destroyed while reporting from a bakers strike
ir head reporter Amy Sinclair is back and this time she is reporting from a bakers strike. As she does her report, she mentions that she is siding with management. This is a huge mistake, because she is then on the receiving of an onslaught of pies and total messy humiliation.
Mon, Nov 20
Silver Painted Jacy
Busty Jacy does her first paint shoot
Busty Jacy does her very first metallic paint shoot. We gave her a large bowl of silver paint and told her to go for it. The camera captures her covering every inch of her sexy curvy body. A mirror is near by so that she can watch the progress.
Mon, Nov 13
Mud Covered XlcrMoon
XlcrMoon is covered in sticky clay
Alternative model XlcrMoon returns and this time she is covered in thick clay. She starts out in a bikini as she steps into the large tub of clay. XlcrMoon is a mud virgin, so her reactions are priceless as she discovers the clay sensation for the first time. Total thick coverage.
Wed, Nov 08
My Life Married to a Clown
Our 3rd Messygirl Comics Episode
Our third episode of Messygirl Comics features the day in the life of Vicky after she gets married to a clown.
Mon, Nov 06
Vika Had it Coming to Her
Vika is destroyed with savory foods after complaining to a reastuant manager
Vika is a bitching customer. She doesn't like her hamburger and lets the manager know about it. When the manager has had enough of her bitching, he shuts her up by stuffing the burger in her mouth. Next comes a savoy onslaught of sour cream, mustard, ketchup, ranch and 1000 island dressings. Poor Vika is a total mess, but the manager is just getting started. Vika is now nude, and her mouth is stuffed with hot dog wieners. She then has cold sour cream rubbed all over her face and tits. This is followed with more mustard. ketchup and salad dressing. Just when she thinks it`s over, out comes the treacle. Vika's head and face are engulfed in the dark sticky stuff. You will get a kick from the gargling sound Vika makes as she breaths with the mess over her face and wieners in her mouth.
Mon, Oct 30
The Seduced Reporter
Amy is a reporter who is attacked in the slime by giant worms
Amy is a reporter who is a scene of a biological dump. As she points out the huge pool of green sludge, she doesn`t notice a mutant worm slither out and grab her ankle. She falls back into the pool and is then fighting off giant worms. The worms then slither into her pussy and ass and take control of her mind. Amy is now transformed into a raving horny nymphomaniac. Amy strips nude and covers herself head to toe in the slime as the worms fuck her.
Mon, Oct 23
The Messygirl Games
Leila and her friend Melissa participate in our first official Messygirl games shoot
Leila returns and this time she brings along her friend Melissa. We thought it would be fun to introduce them to our first edition of the Messygirl games. The girls will need to compete against each other in a series of messy games. This version will have a pie eating contest, chocolate banana dunking and bobbing for apples in slime. We added the extra twist of having the winner humiliate the loser of each game.
Mon, Oct 16
The Messy Health Inspector
Amy is destroyed in savory foods
Health inspector Amy has written up a reasturant for many violations. Such as outdated eggs, pea and tomato soups stored at the wrong tempature, sour cream that has gone bad, rancid beans, and pies that have been sitting on the counter for too long. She demands all items to be thrown out, and she will not leave until it is done. Well, the items are thrown out, but on Amy
Mon, Oct 09
Greased Amy and Jacy
Jacy and Amy are greased head to toe
Amy wants to show Jacy what being covered in grease is all about. The girls start out in cotton panties as they begin to cover each other in the sticky black grease. Both girls are having a blast as they strip nude and finish the total coverage on each other. Lots of body contact as they play with the gooey stickiness of the grease. Including giving each other a greasy titty motor boating. Sexy fun!
Mon, Oct 02
Amy and Vika Take It In The Face
Amy and Vika get very naughty as they get slimed
Amy and Vika are in panties as they look up at the camera and asked to be slimed. Once the slime hits their faces, things get hot. They start to make out as the cream slime pours over them. They make sure to get it in their mouths, so they can give each other extra sloppy kisses. Then the girls start to play in the slime on the floor. Both girls get very close and sensual as they do this. As it turns out, both girls like it rough, so there is lots of bitting, hair pulling, spanking and titty grabbing between the two. Then the girls dunk their faces into large bowls of chocolate and continue their hot girl on girl action. It's Vika like you never seen her before.
Sat, Sep 30
Amy at the Carnival
Our 2nd Messygirl Comics Episode
Our second episode of Messygirl Comics features Amy getting a job at the carnival. Unfortunately, it turns out to be not what she had in mind.
Mon, Sep 25
Tied Gagged and Pied Vika
Vika is tied and exposed as she is pied
A helpless Vika is nude and tied spread eagle, with a ball gag in her mouth. While she is in that position, she then is pied hard in the face. Since she is unable to wipe, the pie slop slides down to her exposed pussy. She is then untied and allowed to play in the mess for your viewing pleasure. Hot stuff!
Mon, Sep 18
The Novelty Gift Tester
Amy hires Vika to test novelty gag gifts
Amy has hired Vika to help her test the durability of novelty gag gifts. Amy wants to see if they will hold up to messy pies and slime pours. So poor Vika has to endure the humiliation of being a messy guinea pig.
Mon, Sep 11
The Tar and Feather Revenge
Amy gets her revenge on Penelope
Amy was tarred and feathered by Penelope a few weeks ago. Now it`s Amy's turn to get her revenge on Penelope. Amy pulls a tied Penelope onto the stage and tells her it`s it`s payback time. Amy gets right to it by covering Penelope head to toe in the black sticky stuff. Once covered she inserts a hose in Penelope`s mouth. What a site Penelope it now, but now comes the feathers. Amy coats Penelope head to toe in them and then takes off her bikini top and bottoms to expose her clean parts to everyone. Amy pulls on the hose that is in her mouth and leads her around the stage. She even makes her cluck like a chicken through the hose. Since Penelope now looks and sounds like a chicken, she makes her sit on a bucket to lay her eggs.
Mon, Sep 04
The Messy Waitress
Busty Waitress Jacy is destroyed with pies and slime
Jacy plays a waitress with an attitude problem. So the remedy this with a good old fashion attitude adjustment. We pies and slime the crap out of her.