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Mon, Apr 30
Messy Date Night
Alana's date night gets messy
Alana wants to end her date by giving her guy a blow job. So she gets on her knees and opens her mouth. She is ready to take him, but instead, gets a face full of green slime. She is shocked and thinks she just got the messiest facial she ever had. She then discovers it's slime and is confused. She then gets even more slime to the face. This is followed by a thown pie to her face that knocks her back on her ass. While still down, she gets more slime to the face.
Mon, Apr 23
The Pied Pageant Queen
Jacy is destroyed with pies at a beauty pagent
Jacy is a beauty contestant and her talent is being creamed with pies. To add to the excitement, she is wearing a whipped cream bikini while she gets destroyed.
Mon, Apr 16
Mud Abuse
Amy is dominated by Alana in the mud
Alana shows Amy who the boss is by throwing her around in the mud pool. Alana uses her feet to push Amy down in the mud and even drags her around while insulting her.
Mon, Apr 09
A Slave to Savory
Slave Vika is totally trashed in all kinds of savory foods
Vika is lead into the room wearing only a dog collar and leash. Once she sits down, she has her hands and ankles tied to a chair. Now she is ready to be destroyed in all kinds of savory foods. She has a bucket places under her chair to catch the excess slop pouring down her body. After she is totally trashed, she is untied and told to dunk her head in the bucket of slop. Such a good savory piggy.
Mon, Apr 02
Mud Virgin Amber
Amber is muddy and horny
Amber is in a sexy sundress as she steps into a tub of thick clay. She loves how it makes a wet squishing sound as she walks about in it. She then puts a vibrator under her dress and starts to stimulate her pussy. The sinsation of her feet in the mud and the vibrator on her pussy is driving her crazy. With the vibrator still on her pussy, she steps out and dunks her head numberious times into the mud. She is totally turned as she sits in the tub and continues to use the vibrator on her now muddy pussy. She then strips nude and covered the rest of her body. She gives herself an orgasm while in the mud tub. She then stands up and gives herself more orgasms. Very hot!
Mon, Mar 26
Amy Takes it in the Mouth
Amy shows off her open mouth skills
Amy is all smiles and wearing a sexy summer dress. Her hair all made up and she is giving off that sexy girl next door vibe. You would think she was going to a neighborhood gathering, but instead, she is about to get totally raunchy, by taking pies and slime to the face, open mouth style. You get some great sloppy open mouth drool takes and she even gargles with it the slop. At the end, you get to watch her smear it all over her body and masturbate.
Tue, Mar 20
Bound Tarred and Feathered
Alana is tarred and feathered
Alana is very excited to do her first custom, until she finds out it`s tar and feathers. But since it's a custom, she needs to do it. She is stripped down to her bikini, gagged, put in ankle stocks, and her hands are tied behind her back. She then has a bucket of black grease dumped over her head. The grease is then smeared all over her body and face. Once that is done, the colorful feathers are poured over her. You will enjoy the transformation,
Tue, Mar 13
Vika Goes Extreme
Vika like you never seen her before
Vika pushes her limits in this one. She is gagged, tied to a chair backwards and nude. She then gets covered in all kind of savory items. She has a container placed on the floor just below her ass. The slop flows down her back and into the container. She then has the force feeder attached to her mouth and has the slop poured down her throat. Extreme WAM at its best.
Mon, Mar 05
Sexy Story Time with Alana
Alana is destroyed with pies and slime as she talks about a threesome she had
Alana wants to tell everyone about a threesome she had at City Hall in San Francisco, during her college days. We are willing to give her the stage to tell it, but she must endure being pied and slimed while doing so. Can she keep her composure while getting destroyed? This is a true story and only the names have been changed. You will love hearing it.
Mon, Feb 26
The Human Birthday Cake
Penelope turns Amy into a human birthday cake
Amy is having an affair with Penelope's husband. It's also so happens to be Amy's birthday and she wants to be spoiled by her man. Instead of her man showing up, it's Penelope. So Penelope promptly turns Amy into a human birthday cake.
Mon, Feb 19
Amy's Pie Therapy
Our 6th Messygirl Comics Issue featuring Amy and Penelope
Our 6th and by far naughtiest issue of Messygirl Comics features Amy and Penelope.
Mon, Feb 19
A Bad Day at the Spa 2
Kerri Taylor is destroyed at the spa
Kerri Taylor is a bitchy spa customer and Amy is the attendant. Kerri is ready for her oil and mud treatment, but comes in with a bad attitude, and Amy has to get the brunt of it. Kerri keeps insulting Amy throughout the rub down. When it's time for the clay, she tells Amy to not get it on her face and in her hair. By this time Amy has had enough of her bitching, and starts to slather Kerri's face and head in the thick clay. Amy shows no mercy as she keeps layering the clay all over Kerri's face and body. Before you know it, Kerri looks like a clay monster. When Amy is done with her, she tells Kerri the showers are not working, and pushes her out into the lobby. Kerri blindly walks away.
Tue, Feb 13
Pie Slave Amy
Amy is pied while in our immobilizing prison stockade
Amy is one to not back down from anything extreme. So we thought it would be a good test for her to be pied while in our immobilizing prison stockade. We also attach an open mouth gag for good measure. Now Amy is at our mercy as her face is creamed with sloppy pies. She also has her ass pied.
Tue, Feb 06
Alana's Messygirl Initiation
Amy shows Alana what being a Messygirl is all about
Amy gives newbie Alana her Messygirl initiation. Amy doesn't hold back as she destroys Alana with pies, batter, slime and extreme head dunking. Alana is transformed into an unrecognizable sexy blob by the time Amy is done with her.
Mon, Feb 05
The Dessert Tray
WAM virgin Sarah Brooke gets the full Messygirl treatment
Sexy fetish model Sarah Brooke does her first WAM shoot for us. She plays a customer at a restaurant and wants to see the dessert tray. She can't make up her mind what she wants. She then says she wishes she could sample a bit of everything. Well, that sets off a barrage of pies, cakes, batter, creams, chocolate to her face and over her head. Her comedic reactions throughout the onslaught are priceless.
Mon, Jan 29
Sticky and Naughty Amy
Amy breaks in her new hitachi vibrator while totally engulfed in goo
Amy wants to get totally engulfed in sticky marshmallow fluff and break in her new mini hitachi. She starts out in a bikini as she slathers herself in the gooey fluff. Then she takes off her bikini top to expose her clean tits. She then pours a bucket of marshmallow cream topping over her head. When she is totally covered in the cream, she takes off her bottoms and exposes her ass. Now she is ready to break in her new toy. She lets out loud moans as she rubs the vibrating hitachi on her clit and pussy lips. It doesn't take long for her to cum. She then pours dark chocolate syrup over her head and rubs that all over her body. Now she is a slippery gooey mess. She then brings the hitachi to her sloppy pussy for more mind blowing orgasms. Hot stuff!
Mon, Jan 22
Vika vs Penelope 6: Force Feeding Hell
Penelope turns Vika into a human garbage disposal
The last episode of the Vika vs Penelope series has Penelope turing Vika into a human garbage disposal. Poor Vika is forced to swallow disgusting savory foods that are mixed in a blender. You will need a strong stomach to watch this one. (Sound issue fixed.)
Mon, Jan 15
Vika vs Penelope 5: Pain and Pleasure
Vika turns Penelope into a remote controlled puppet
The Vika and Penelope revenge series continues, and this time Vika gets her revenge. Vika inserts a device in Penelope's pussy that has settings for pain and pleasure. Vika has the remote and can now control Penelope. Penelope is reduced into being Vika's play toy and makes her do humiliating messy things to herself. Depending on how Vika feels about Penelope's performance, she will either get a shock or a pussy stimulation.
Mon, Jan 08
Sloppy Pie Hits
A compilation of sloppy pie hits
A compilation of only sloppy pie hits to the face, featuring 5 girls in 7 scenes and over 75 pies. You get to watch a non stop barrage of sloppy pies destroying Amy, Vika, Karly, Jacy Emma and a girl we found off the street named Samantha. If you like your pies sloppy, then you will enjoy this volume of pie hits.
Wed, Jan 03
Leah's Trip to the Mud Spa
Our 5th Messygirl Comics Episode
Leah has a bit too much fun at the mud spa.