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Mon, Jul 15
Sabrina Before and After
Sabrina is destroyed like never before
The viewer gets the added pleasure of watching a constant before and after of Sabrina as she is all clean and pretty on the left of the scene and being trashed in pies and slime on the right.
Mon, Jul 08
The Initiation of Sabrina
Amy administers a Messygirl initiation on Sabrina
Sabrina has done two shoots for us, but has not yet been initiated. Well, today is the day for that. Amy is on hand to administer the humiliating and messy initiation. Poor Sabrina has no idea what she is instore for. Amy starts out by teasing Sabrina with a pie and has it smashed hard in her face. After a few more pies to the face and some whipped cream play, she gives Sabrina a slime pour over the head. She then makes Sabrina get on all fours for head dunking in a bucket of slop. Amy then strips off Sabrina's dress and makes her get on all fours again so she can pull down her panties for a pie to the ass. This is followed with a wedgie. Amy is calling Sabrina names such as "Messy Slut" and "Pig" as she makes her roll about in the slop. Amy then makes Sabrina pie herself and smear it all over her now slop covered body. Now Sabrina can call herself a true Messygirl.
Mon, Jul 01
The Pie Seduction with Amy
Amy deepthroats a dildo that is stuck in the middle of a pie
Amy is wearing a fishnet body stocking and has 20 pies by her side. She starts out by pieing herself in the face with the thick gooey pies. She then strips out of the body stocking and smears the pie mess on her hot body. Now things are about to get hot, as she gets on all fours and places a dildo in a pie. She then starts too deep throat it all the way down, until her face is in the pie. She continues face fucking herself as she gags and spitting up throat slime. She then flips the dildo pie upward and onto her face and continues and deep throat the dildo as the pie slides down on her face. She then gets back on the floor and masturbates her now sloppy pussy until she cums.
Mon, Jun 24
Priscilla's First Time
WAM virgin Priscilla becomes a Messygirl
Sexy fitness model Priscilla makes her Messygirl debut. We use a split screen so you can watch a constant before and after view of her while she is being destroyed in pies and slime
Mon, Jun 17
Three Metallic Girls
Amy, Misty and Penelope are covered in metallic paint
Amy, Misty and Penelope each have a large bowl of metallic paint. Amy and Penelope have gold and Misty has silver. The girls are nude as they begin to paint themselves. You will enjoy the interaction between them as they apply the paint. Once covered head to neck, they each pour the bowls of paint over their heads and give themselves paint facials. Now the girls are completly covered and get very playful with each other with slippery body rubbing.
Mon, Jun 10
The Human Statue
Amy becomes a human statue
Jacy goes mad and turns her good friend Amy into a human statue. Amy thinks Jacy is just making a body cast from Amy's body, but soon discovers that she is becoming a human statue and she can't get away.
Mon, Jun 03
Sabrina Becomes a Messygirl
Messygirl virgin gets it good and sloppy
Small town girl Sabrina takes the plunge in the the world of Messygirl. She is pied hard with sloppy pies and covered in slime. She also goes topless for the first time.
Mon, May 27
The Cream Rinse From Hell
Nicole and Taylor get creamed up in the shower
Nicole wants to show how her voice activated shower works while she is taking a shower with Taylor. She tells it to warm the water and it works like a charm. She then tells it to turn off and ice again it works fine. She then tells Taylor it has voice options for shampoo and cream rinse. When she commands cream rinse, it comes down on them in gallons. They both tell it to stop, but it keeps coming. The poor girls do all they can to stop it, but the deluge of cream keeps pouring on them. Both girls are transformed into sexy white cream blobs.
Mon, May 20
Baking with Vika
Vika goes hardcore on her baking show
Vika stars in her own baking show. This episode features the uses of Nutella. She tells the veiwers all the ways to use Nutella, but her favorote is to use it on her. So she gets on the counter and seductively spreads the Nutella on herself. She starts with her feet and legs. She takes off her panties and exposes her pussy before she slathers it. She then goes nude and keeps smearing the stuff all over her hot body. The last thing she slathers is her face, and now she is totally covered. She is turned on so much from the messy sensation that she speards open her legs and masturbates until she cums. Very Hot!
Mon, May 13
The Easy Modeling Gig 2
Nicole and WAM virgin Taylor get it good at a convention
Nicole and Taylor are handing out flyers at a convention. They talk about how easy the gig is and how well it pays. Nicole takes a look at her flyer and realizes it has PIE ME printed on them. Then out of the blue she is pied hard in the face. Taylor finds out her flyer reads SLIME ME and sure enough, she has slime poured over her. The girls are shocked, but keep handing out the flyers. Then they have their dresses pulled off and are pied and slimed again. The girls are nude and covered in slop, but continue to hand out flyers.
Mon, May 06
Messygirl Simon Says
Amy, Misty and Penelope play a game of Messygirl Simon Says
Amy, Misty and Penelope are about to play the Messygirl version of Simon Says. The girls start out in panties and tank tops and end up nude and pied head to toe by end of the game.
Mon, Apr 29
Erotic in mud
Penelope gets naughty in the mud pool
Penelope ges down and dirty in mud. You get to watch as she slathers her hot nude body and then uses a vibrator on herself until she cums.
Mon, Apr 22
Marshmallow Creamed Amber
Amber goes from classy to horny and gooey
Amber is all dressed up as she does her first marshmallow fluff shoot. She starts out by covering her open toe heels and legs. You get a nice view as she opens her lags and shows she has no panties. She continues to spread the sticky fluff on her dress and arms. She then takes off the dress and spreads the fluff thick on her face and tits. She then turns around on the chair and covers her nice round ass. Next comes some slippery cream pours on her face. The cream is rubbed all over and used as a lube as she slides her slippery pussy on the chair. You get the bonus of watching her wash off the sticky mess in the shower.
Mon, Apr 15
I'm Just The Messenger
Spokesperson Penelope takes a messy and humiliating hit for the Acme Food Company
Penelope is a spokesperson for the Acme Food Company. She needs to calm down a crowd after the company is responsible for food poisoning. The angry crowd response by putting Penelope in ankle stocks and destroy her with all kinds of savory foods.
Mon, Apr 08
A Pie Day for Penelope
Penelope is covered head to toe in pies as she celebrates Pie Day
Penelope wants to celebrate Pie Day. So she arranges to celebrate it by sitting on pies and then having pies smashed on her bare ass. She then gets up against the wall for pies thrown at her and some self pieing. When she runs out of pies, she rubs the pie slop all over her hot nude body. You get a nice POV with this video as well as bonus footage.
Mon, Apr 01
Messygirl Twister
Amy, Misty and Penelope play a game of Messygirl Twister
Amy destroys Misty and Penelope with pies and slime as they all play a game of Messygirl Twister.
Mon, Mar 25
Penelope Returns
Penelope returns after taking a year off to pursue a glamour modeling career
Penelope returns after taking a year off to pursue a glamour modeling career. It turns out that she missed being a Messygirl and asked if she could come back. We were more than happy to have her get messy for us again. So we introduced her to our new messy boat to help her get back in the swing of things. She starts out wearing a tight dress and open toe heels. She takes off the shoes and steps into the messy boat. When she is seated and relaxed, she tells Mr MG to let her have it. She is then greeted with pies hard to the face and endless slime pours over the head. She is loving it! She then takes off the dress and rolls around in the slop that has collected in the boat. You get a nice view of her exposed sloppy ass and pussy as she rolls around. She can't get enough of the slop as she pours it over her head continuously. Welcome back Penelope!
Mon, Mar 18
Karly's Big Break
Karly Salinas is pied and slimed while filming a commercial
Karly Salinas is excited to be filming her first commercial. It`s for a lingerie company called Victoria`s Little Secret and all she has to do is pose in a sexy teddy. The director gives her instructions on what to do, and all is well as she poses in many positions. The director tells her that he needs to add something to make the commercial really work. It turns out to be pies smashed into her face and slime poured over her head.
Mon, Mar 11
Amber Gets Double Teamed
Amy and Jacy team up to destroy Amber
Amy, Jacy and Amber are all talking about their Messygirl initiations. It turns out Amber never got hers. Well, Amy and Jacy are about to see to it that she does.
Mon, Mar 04
Messy Day and Night
Amber is covered in butter cream and chocolate
Amber wants to feel the creamy sensation of butter cream all over her body. So we give her a tub filled with pink, blue and purple butter cream. She starts out with her feet and slowly smears it up her body. She then globs it over her face and hair. She has turned into a gooey blue sky colored creature as she rubs it all over her body. Next comes a half gallon of chocolate syrup over her head. The contrast is amazing. She rubs it all over as well. She now has become a dark grey night color. The slippery mixture really turns her on. You get nice views of her sloppy pussy as the slippery mix drips from her plump pussy lips. Very sexy!