The original and still the best since 1997
The WAM Fantasy

By Big D

Derek walked around anxiously. He was a WAMmer, a person into getting messy with food and other messes. Today he had a WAM date with a woman he met on the Internet. Derek went over the list of WAM supplies once again.

“Okay. I’ve got different colors of Slime that’s sat out over an hour for thickness, Canned Shaving Cream, Big Sloppy Pies made out of food colored shaving cream, vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, chocolate syrup, and of course, water to wash off with.” He repeated for about the 10th time that day.

He was also anxious over what the woman would look like. Was she skinny or fat, flat-chested or huge-chested, hairy or shaved? He never got to see a picture of what she looked like. “Damn, I’m nervous………, so, nervous………”

The doorbell suddenly rang. Derek started sweating up a storm. “Please…….please!” He prayed as he walked to the door. As he turned the knob, he put on a fake smile. As the door opened, his jaw dropped in surprise. In front of him stood a gorgeous brunette in a sexy brown blouse and a very short white skirt. A slight breeze blew over which caused her nipples to harden. The nipples, belonging to a perfect set of breasts almost caused Derek to fall over.

“Are you Derek?” The brunette asked. Derek tried to stutter the words out, but he had trouble even breathing. “Y……yo……’re………Erika……….from!!” Derek finally got out. The brunette nodded and smiled. “Yep, that’s right!”

Derek stared at her, then slowly lowered his glance to her breasts. “I can’t………believe……..I’m WAMming………..with you!” Derek said slowly. Erika crouched into Derek’s line of vision. “Well, I thought it’d be a nice surprise for a WAMmer.” She said with a smile. The breeze was continuing, which caused her nipples to harden even more. Derek felt something on his body harden as well.

“So………….what supplies do you have?” Erika said as she entered the house. Derek looked up into the sky, muttered a “Thank you!”, and quickly shut the door and followed Erika. “Well, I have some slime that should be very thick due to its sitting out for an hour, some shaving cream, some really sloppy pies made out of shaving cream. And lots of chocolate.” He replied. He found Erika standing by the large bathtub they’d be WAMming in. The supplies were against the outside of the tub. “I see.” Erika said to herself. Derek’s hands started to take over and tried to rip Erika’s blouse off, but he stopped himself. “Okay, now I’m sure you have some rules………” Derek started, “………..I completely understand if you don’t want to go topless……….” Quickly, he turned around and slapped his forehead. Erika smiled behind his back. “Actually, I’d be more than happy to go completely nude…………” she said seductively. Derek’s eyes bulged as did his pants. “But………..” Derek started to say as he turned around. Erika’s eyes lowered to his pants bulge. “A little anxious, huh?” She asked. Derek immediately blushed. “It’s natural.” She assured, rubbing Derek’s hot cheeks in a sexy motion. “Yes………” He said. Erika suddenly gave a short handjob to Derek’s pants bulge, which made the bulge grow even harder.

“Well, then, let’s do it.” Erika said, walking over to the bathtub. She crawled in and fingered for Derek to join her. Derek ran over quickly and nearly tripped over a bucket of slime. While jumping in, his feet accidentally moved into Erika’s skirt. “Sorry……….” Derek said, but he concealed his smile. Erika wasn’t wearing any panties. And she was shaved. Erika smiled when Derek did this, signaling that she liked it.

“Okay, have you ever done a WAM session with anyone?” Erika asked. Derek shook his head. “No. I usually do it by myself. Usually shaving cream.” He replied. When he opened his eyes from the head shake, he felt a pie slam into his face. The shaving cream pie. “Then this’ll be even better.” Erika said before slamming another pie into his face. The cream slipped down Derek’s shirt and onto his pants bulge. Derek could barely see Erika through the cream, but he could tell she was enjoying every minute of his WAMming. She then took a can of plain white shaving cream and started sprayed it all over Derek.

His erection was starting to hurt him. Thankfully, Erika unzipped Derek’s jeans, allowing his hard penis to extend more. Erika then opened the fly of Derek’s underpants and his erected penis extended out. “Wow! Nice cock!” Erika exclaimed. She started to spray shaving cream on Derek’s erection. “This……….is………..great!” Derek breathed. He then felt the shaving cream start to slide down his face and he smelt the odor of vanilla. The pudding. Within seconds, his entire face was covered in vanilla pudding. Derek wiped his face so that he could see Erika. “Now comes the part where you get nude.” Erika said. Derek nearly slipped as he hopped up and pulled his pants, shirt, and underpants off. Completely nude, his erection was amazingly hard. Erika then proceeded to pour another bucket of vanilla pudding over his head.

“Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for!” Erika said. She started to unbutton her blouse, but Derek stopped her. “Let me at them!” He exclaimed, ripping the blouse open. Erika’s perfect tits flopped out of the blouse. “I never…….never……….thought I’d be here………..seeing Erika’s boobs……….” Derek breathed, a bit of the pudding dripping off his face and onto Erika’s nipples. “I’m all yours, baby!” Erika said with a grin. Derek picked up a shaving cream pie. “Wait. Before I do this……….” He said, before he took his free hand and started massaging Erika’s breast. “So soft……….” Derek whispered. As Erika began to enjoy the tit massage, Derek took the pie and slammed it into her face. “Like that?” He asked with a smile. Erika sighed deeply. “Yes…….very much………” She replied. Derek picked up another pie and slammed it into her face again. He picked up two more and slammed one into each of Erika’s boobs. He then started to massage the shaving cream into her tits. “Oh yes……….” Erika muttered. Derek reached down, took a bucket of chocolate pudding, and slowly dumped it onto Erika’s head, letting it slide down her head and her breasts. “It feels amazing……….” Erika sighed. Derek picked up a bucket of the super-thick slime and poured it on her head next. This gunge was even thicker than the pudding, and it fell in thick drips down Erika’s body. “Okay, now for the other half of the nude deal.” Derek said. He reached down and pulled down Erika’s skirt, revealing her shaved pussy. Derek then took another pie and pied Erika’s vagina. “I’m starting to like you…………” Erika sighed. She suddenly pulled up against Derek, his penis sliding near her vagina. “I’ve always wanted to do this………” Derek said, before pressing his face into one of Erika’s boobs. He started to lick the pudding off of her hard nipple, then started on the other. “God, you’re good!” Erika called out. Derek took another bucket of chocolate pudding and poured it on her head, then started to lick her tits again. “You’re………amazing……….for……….an amateur!” Erika gasped. Derek and Erika both reached down at the same time for a bucket of slime. “One…….” Derek said. “Two…….” Erika said. “Three!” They both yelled as they poured the bucket of slime onto both of their heads. They then massaged the slime onto each other’s bodies.

To Derek’s surprise, Erika grabbed his penis, so he began to rub the slime into Erika’s vagina. “Oh, yes………” They both moaned. The WAM session had suddenly turned into sex. To Erika poured pudding onto Derek’s penis, then began to give it a blowjob. Derek proceeded to pour more slime onto Erika’s head. Then they switched places, with Derek licking Erika’s vagina. Erika poured slime on Derek’s head in return. “Oh yes!!” Erika screamed. They then switched position, so they could both give oral sex to each other. “Derek, you’re amazing!” Erika said in between a suck of Derek’s cock. “So are you……..” Derek replied after a lick of Erika’s pussy. Finally, the best part. They switched one more time as Derek’s cock pierced into Erika’s pussy. “OH YES!!!!!” Erika screamed. Derek went slowly. “Oh………” He moaned. Derek leaned over and planted his tongue onto Erika’s tits and licked them. “Holy shit, you’re good!!” Erika screamed. Erika reached out of the tub and grabbed a couple of pies and pied both her and Derek’s faces. She then took a bucket of slime and slowly poured it around their sex area and on themselves. The couple turned on their side.

Suddenly, a deluge of gunge fell from the ceiling, filling the bathtub. Derek and Erika sank into the gunge, with Derek’s cock still jammed into his WAM partner’s pussy………………..

“YES!!!!!!!!! Huh?” Derek yelled in the middle of the night. He looked around for gunge, a totally nude female, and leftover pies, but there wasn’t any. “Oh…… was a dream……” He said sadly. He turned over and went back to sleep.

The next morning, Derek really did have a WAM session planned. His dream gave him an idea, so he had the exact same materials planned out. The doorbell rang. “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” He said, before rushing to the door. I hope she’s hot!” He hoped. He opened the door and stared in awe. “Hi, I’m Erika from Are you Derek?” The brunette asked. Derek immediately pulled the brunette in. 10 minutes later moans were heard coming from the house.

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