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One evening at the Summer Show

By Chick

One evening, during a holiday at the seaside, Leah went to watch the
Summer variety show at the local theatre.
After she watched a troupe of dancers perform an embarrassing exhibition of a
well-beloved musical favourite, heard a singer vocally murder one of her
favourite songs and had failed to laugh at any of the comedians jokes Leah
was so fed up she decided to leave the theatre and make her way home.
At that moment the Master of Ceremonies strode onto the stage.
He asked the audience to put their hands together and give a warm welcome to
the next wonderful act, a man who was about to 'amaze' them, 'The Great
Leah groaned, she'd had enough of this. She stood up and attempted to make
her way to the centre aisle, a few seats away.
The Great Hypno appeared on stage and in a deep booming voice asked for two
volunteers to assist in his act.
"That lady there - in the white blouse and black skirt!" he said, pointing at
Leah as she stood in the centre aisle. "I'm sure the audience would like
to see you perform for our entertainment tonight!"
A spotlight swung round to illuminate her. "Who me?" said Leah
incredulously, desperately trying to avoid staying any longer.
"I'm sorry! I can't stop! I'm late for a dentist appointment!" she blurted out.
Guffaws of laughter echoed around the auditorium.
"An unlikly tale, Ladies and Gentlemen. Shall we believe her?" said the Great
Hypno and cries of "no! no! no!" rose from the audience around her.
Leah suddenly felt firm hands grip her arms and she was propelled towards,
and up onto, the stage by a couple of willing theatre staff.
"Please sit on this chair" said the satisfied Hypno "Just one male volunteer
and I can start to amaze you all!"
Leah sat there with a resigned look on her face. She really would have
been happier to be anywhere else than on this stage.
A second 'volunteer' was dragged up from the audience and sat alongside her.
"Not bad!" thought Leah as she looked him over. He had a well developed
muscular upper torso under a blue t-shirt, a tight pair of white shorts and
firm strong legs. And he wasn't bad looking either!
"Your names are?" quizzed the Great Hypno.
Leah told him her name and the man gave his name "Mike!"
"Thank you both for giving your time to assist me. Ladies and Gentlemen I will
now for your amazement give a demonstration of my skills at 'Hypnosis'!"
Leah sighed, not barking like a dog or pretending to be a chicken she
thought to herself. I really can manage without that type of charade! But she
couldn't see a way out of her predicament and her only option was to go along
with his silly hypnosis act.
"Will both of you please fix your gaze on this fob watch as I swing it on the
chain in a pendulum motion before your eyes.?"
A drum roll started. They both dutifully followed his instructions as the
watch passed back and forth in front of their faces for the next minute or so.
"You are both within my power. I have full control over your interperation of
my messages and your physical actions for the next few minutes until you hear
the sound of a drum roll!" said the Great Hypno.
"What rubbish!" thought Leah. "I feel perfectly alright and Mike seems to
be no different. Great Hypno -- great prat!" she critically mused.
"Leah" boomed out a voice "Can you feel a mouse climbing up your leg?"
The audience were amazed to see Leah leap onto her chair, lift her skirt
and flap her hands up and down her legs in an attempt to dislodge
the non-existent mouse from her shapely legs. Leah herself wondered why
she was standing precariously on the chair exposing her legs and her pristine
white underwear to a group of cheering onlookers when all she really wanted to
do was go home!
"I think the mouse has gone away, you can sit down now Leah." said the
smiling Hypno. Turning to the cheering audience he said "We didn't see a mouse
but we saw a very nice pussy, didn't we?" A roar of laughter filled her ears
as she sat on her chair.
Whilst she had been energetically leaping about, a table had appeared on the
stage with various items arranged across its surface.
Turning to Mike, the Great Hypno said "The lady looks a little warm after her
exertions. Would you like to 'cool' her down?"
Mike stood up, picked up a pitcher from the table, moved behind Leah and
casually poured the contents over her dark hair. The freezing cold water
brought a shriek of shock from the lips of our heroine. The water plastered her
hair to her head, saturated her white blouse and poured into her cleavage. The
blouse clung to her breasts and her frozen nipples pushed against the thin
material. Mike calmly sat down again as if nothing had happened. Leah
wanted to stand up, dry herself and change into warm dry clothing but she
couldn't seem to lift herself from the chair. It was as if she had lost the
power of movement.
But the Great Hypno was warming to his task!
"Leah, your companion has been a naughty boy despite looking like
'Superman'. Please help yourself to any item on our table for the amusement of
the gathered audience!"
As if by magic Leah rose from the chair, picked up a jug, pulled forward
the top of Mikes' shirt and tipped warm sticky tomato soup into and over his
chest. He made no attempt to stop her and the bright red torrent raced down his
muscular body until the progress was slowed as it reached the waistband of his
shorts. Crimson fluid seeped out from the material and he felt trickles of soup
seep through to his underwear and slowly but surely find its way over his groin
area. Leah could only watch, admiration covering her face, as her internal
juices stirred at the sight of this desirable man accepting her abuse so
"Oh dear!" boomed out the voice of Hypno "Mike, I think Leah has been very
'cheeky'! Do you have any response to that?"
Mike leant forward, grabbed Leah round the waist, pulled her towards him
and forced her to lie face down across his lap. She felt her skirt being lifted
and her white panties, and firm cheeks within, exposed to the glare of the
spotlights. He gently pulled down the elastic to reveal the tender soft flesh
of her cheeks, raised his hand and with the flat open palm of his hand slapped
the tempting pink flesh.
Her shriek reverberated around the auditorium. The impact had been an
unexpected surprise and had stung the sensitive skin. The second slap had been
partially expected, her body had tensed in anticipation, and only a muffled cry
escaped Leah' lips. The third, forth and fifth slaps brought less and
less painful cries and ever increasing sighs of pleasure until by the final few
slaps her moans of delight could even be heard by the audience members who sat
near to the rear of the theatre.
"I think that's enough 'cheeky' humour for now. Mike, let her have some fun as
well" said the Great Hypno "Ok, Leah, I would like you to 'exact' some
revenge on Mike!"
Leah, her tender behind still smarting and her body throbbing with
excitement, stood in front of Mike. Her slim fingers deftly undid the top
button of his shorts, she demurely slid down the zip and his shorts drifted
down to his ankles. A buzz of female voices were heard throughout the theatre.
Leah picked up a container from the table, pulled forward the top of his
tight boxer shorts, ogled his manhood for a second and then tipped slimy egg
yolks into his underwear. Although this was supposed to be punishment for his
earlier actions the broad smile on his face seemed to indicate otherwise.
Leah watched as the sloppy mess slid slowly out of his boxer shorts and
dribbled down his finely honed legs. She had also noticed something moving in
an upward direction in the front of his underwear, a broad grin spread across
her own face, she reached forward and gently squeezed the enlarging slime
covered excited member of the happy Mike.
The Great Hypno broke the magic moment.
"Ladies and Gentlemen" he said "We have Mike covered in eggs and soup but
Leah has only had a cold shower and a hot bottom. What do you think should
happen next?
The onlookers themselves were getting hot under the collar. The men from seeing
Leahs' sodden breasts and throbbing buttocks. The ladies had perspired
over Mikes' soup covered glistening chest and his rampant slimy shorts.
Cries of "Make her get 'em off!" and "Send big boy over here!" echoed around
but the general opinion was that Leah was too clean.
"I agree!" said Hypno "She's as clean and smart as a model on a catwalk. So
that's what Leah will be - a model. In fact she can be an artists model
for Mike who will be a painter!"
He paused for breath as the audiance applauded.
"Mike, we want you to paint Leah!"
She had always fancied having her portrait painted, perhaps in pastels,
watercolour or oils, but how was Hypno going to transform Mike into a skilled
artist she pondered?
Leah didn't have long to wait to find out how skilful Mike would become as
a painter. He stood up, selected a brush from the table and dunked its'
bristles into a tin of blue paint. The brush, normally used to apply wallpaper
paste, emerged with a large quantity of thick blue slop. This dripping mess was
stroked down Leahs face, neck and pushed into her blouse. She spluttered
and coughed as she attempted to clear away the gungey paint from her eyes, nose
and mouth. Before she had time to open her eyes another brushful of the mess
was wiped across her face, then pushed further into her blouse, the blue slop
coating her breasts, the soft bristles moving against her skin and the brush
left deep inside the saturated material. Leah grasped the handle and
started to pull it out from the sodden interior. She shuddered in delight at
the slow movement across her wobbling breasts.
She felt a hand grab the hem of her skirt and another loud shriek accompanied
the tearing sound of the black material as Mike quickly ripped the skirt from
her waist to reveal her white panties to the gawping audience.
Mike was keen to continue his artistic task. He dunked another large brush into
a tin of green slop, yanked forward the elastic on Leahs' panties, deftly
stroked the green mess across her stomach and guided the brush towards the
excited waiting area within her underwear. The bristles moved to and fro around
the erogenous zone with such a soft, moist and repetative motion that Leah
stood rigid as a statue whilst her inner juices jumped for joy. Mike applied
more slop to the inside of her upper thighs, her legs parted instinctively,
allowing him to replenish his paint brush and coat all of her bare legs in a
fine green sheen. The mess dribbled into her shoes, seeped between her toes and
under her soles.
The men in the audience were squirming and twisting in their seats and many of
them were undoubtably having to carefully cover up the embarrassment of their
own excited libidos. Programmes and newspapers were used in a vain attempt to
cover the rising movements in their trousers.
Leah, enjoying the sensation of the soft moist bristles massaging her
skin, had her eyes closed and quiet moans of saisfaction left her throat at
regular intervals. Not wanting to dissapoint the now heavily perspiring
audience she started to slowly, but surely, undo the buttons of her drenched
blouse. Loud cheers erupted from the watching menfolk. As she undid the final
button the blouse opened to reveal her blue coated rigid breasts. Mike was not
to be stopped in full flow. He eagerly and swifty applied coat after coat of
the thick colourful paint to her receptive orbs. Red, yellow and blue mingled
as her breasts were treated to a soft massage of moist gaily coloured goo.
Leah stood trembling with excitement as the paint slipped and slid around
her body in an oozing orgy of pleasurabe experiences.
Beads of sweat covered Mikes forehead. His vigorous efforts at artistic
endeavour had warmed him up but the sight of Leah standing before him in a
state of arousement caused his own juices to bubble and rise. She had been
unable to resist his unskilled but enthusiastic efforts to follow Hypnos'
directive and now she was a willing participant.
After what seemed like an eternity the voice of the Great Hypno broke the magic
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we should put our hands together and give the
eager willing couple a round of applause for their efforts tonight!"
Male hands were lifted from groin areas as they, and the women, clapped with
appreciation on hearing his words.
"Just one final item before we hear the drum roll that will snap them out of
the hypnotic trance" said Hypno.
The curtains parted behind him to reveal a large plastic paddling pool.
"I will now suggest that our two young friends wash off the mess that covers
them in this pool of crystal clear inviting water!"
Leah heard the audience cheer and laugh.
"Leah and Mike, please feel free to wash away the mess that has been
applied in the last few minutes!" encouraged the smiling Hypno.
Leah, still under his influence, put a foot into the pool.
"Come on Mike" she said "It feels wonderful. Come on, let's wash ourselves
She sat down, her panties discarded, and he threw off his remaining clothes and
joined her. They splashed each other, their hands wiped the cool refreshing
moisture into all their nooks and cranies whilst the audience clapped, cheered
and urged them to wash off every last vestige of the mess, slop and goo from
each other.
Leah had a nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right, but carried
along by the enthusiastic cries from the onlookers, she splashed around with
gusto in the pool.
Suddenly a loud drum roll echoed around the stage and our two participents were
awoken from the hypnotic trance.
Leah and Mike looked in horror at each other. Both were caked from head to
toe in a covering of pale brown mud! The crystal clear water was actually a mud
pit enclosed in the plastic pool. Gradually they both realised that they had
been totally and utterly humiliated in front of a cheering baying bunch of
strangers. They both sat there surrounded by brown mud whilst they peered out
from a crusting cover of congealing mud, lumps and blobs falling from their
bodies in a steady stream.
The stage curtain closed in front of them to dim the wild applause of the
audience that reverberated around the theatre.
The Great Hypno, cheered by the success of his act, strode passed on his way to
his dressing room.
"There's a shower room over there!" he said pointing in the general direction
"Take as long as you like!"
Mike, now fully aware of what they had done to each other, gave an apologetic
look at Leah. She smiled at him with a look of resigned relief. At least
she could now clean herself, go home and relax.
But Mike had other ideas on his mind!
He gently picked her up in his strong arms and carried her backstage to the
shower room.

No-one else saw them that night! There were rumours of strange bumping sounds,
enthusiastic groans and ever increasing cries of 'Yes!, yes!, yes!' -- but
these rumours were never officially confirmed. I suppose if you want to know
what actually happened after the curtains closed that night -- well -- you'd
better ask Leah herself!

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