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Sara in the Movies: Scene One

By Chick

"Sara, do you or do you not want to be a movie star?" Messygirl asked me.

I sat back in my chair and wondered why on earth Messygirl was asking me about
the movies!
"Well, yes!" I said, slightly bemused.
"I suppose I'd like to appear on the silver screen, everyone dreams of becoming
a film star, but why should that concern me?" I enquired.
"Well!" Messygirl spoke with pride "I've been offered a starring role in a new
film. It's a comedy about a relationship between a woman and her unfaithful
husband." She paused for breath and waited for me to react.
"Congratulations!" I said, a beaming smile of admiration across my face. "But
how should that involve me?".
"Because, young lady, they have asked me to find someone with the biggest smile
in the world and I think you qualify for that role! Don't you?"
I had to admit that I always looked on the bright side of life and my gleaming
smile had been admired by all who knew me. It didn't take me long to make up my
"Yes, I will, if it means I'll be starring alongside you in the movie!"
"Good!" said Messygirl "Because I've already told the director that you will
turn up for filming at 6-o-clock tomorrow morning. So don't let me down!".

I had difficulty sleeping that night as dreams of stardom raced through my
mind. I couldn't take my thoughts away from the perks of a new career in the
film industry. A round of premieres, parties and media interviews beckoned
this glamorous young starlet. Possibly after a brief and glittering career -
Best Actress, Golden Globe or even the Oscars!

Excitedly I awoke at the crack of dawn and sped to the film studios as if my
life depended on it.
I couldn't see Messygirl.
"Can I help?" said a helpful gatekeeper.
I explained that I had a part in the new film. "Go to studio 3 and ask for Jo!"
he said, pointing in the direction of a large hanger-sized building.
"Hi, I'm Jo" said the woman standing in the doorway. "And you are?"
"Sara, I have a role in the new film!" Jo consulted her clipboard.
"Oh yes, I have you down as 'the girlfriend' in the first scene. Go into make-
up and then the costume department. Don't hang about, we won't be long before
we're ready to shoot the first scene"
The make-up artist quickly and skillfully enhanced my already attractive face
into a truly wonderful object of beauty. The full glossy red lips a focal point
of a glamorous image. The costume they provided consisted of a short sleeved
low cut white blouse, my breasts pushed upward by a lacy padded underwired bra
that improved an already ample bosom. A flared short black skirt with a broad
matching belt that gripped my waist, a pair of white panties, and high heel
shoes completing the ensemble.
I felt so attractive and well dressed that I thought I was certainly going to
be the centre of attraction in this new movie - and I was right!!
"Hurry up!" shouted a male voice "Yes! You!" he said as he pointed at me. I
dutifully followed him on to the set.
"Sit down here" he said. "All you have to do in this scene is sit here and say
nothing but whatever happens - keep smiling! Ok?"
"Yes, yes!" I said putting on my biggest and best smile.
He left me and I looked around the set. It was laid out as a restaurant. I sat
at a table for two whilst the other extras sat around at other tables. Compared
to my own good looks and smart clothes the others members of the cast looked,
well to put it mildly, older and dowdy!
A loud voice boomed out.
"Ok everyone, ready, action, Take one!"
I put on my gorgeous smile and waited, the others were all deep in background
A man, about forty years old, approached my table. He gave me a kiss on the
cheek, sat down, poured out two glasses of red wine and handed one to me. He
started to chat to me, saying how lovely I looked, how much he had missed me
and how much he loved me.
Suddenly the background noise diminished and then silence settled over the
whole set.
My smile stayed on my face but seemed to momentarily freeze. In the doorway
behind the man, and facing me, stood a dark haired woman wearing a red silk
blouse and a black skirt.
It was Messygirl!!

Messygirl walked slowly forward until she was behind the man.
"You bastard!" she screamed at him "Caught you at last! Your days of cheating
on me with this trollop are over!"
Messygirl picked up the bottle of wine and poured the crimson liquid over his
head. He shot to his feet, turned and ran out through the doorway.
She pointed at me "And you, still smiling despite my husband leaving you in the
Messygirl, acting her socks off, started to weep. Between the heartbreaking
sobs she cried out "No wonder he was lead astray. Your provocative tight
clothes, enormous cleavage, outrageous makeup and pouting red lips! You deserve
some form of retribution, young lady!"
I continued to smile despite the tirade of accusations spouting from Messygirls
lips. The other diners were now muttering amongst themselves and I heard them
say "The bitch!", "Shame on her!" and "Deserves all she gets!"
Messygirl stood at my side.
"You were going to have a meal with my husband but now I am going to give you a
meal you will not forget!" said Messygirl apparently regaining her composure.
"For a starter you can have vegetable soup!" She picked up a bowl of lumpy
Golden vegetable soup and poured it over my beautiful long hair.

It was at this point of the film making that I realised my hopes of the movie
industries honour of 'Actress of the year' was about to disappear beneath a wet
and messy onslaught at the hands of my friend and colleague, Messygirl!!!

The liquid filtered through the coiffeured locks of my hair, flowed freely down
my immaculate face, and the soup dribbled swiftly from my chin onto my soft
white cleavage. I knew that I must keep my smile in place despite the sloppy
greasy mess that coated my face, the glossy lipstick smeared and my hair
sticking to my scalp. I saw an enigmatic look pass across Messygirls' face
before she reverted to the role of angry and upset woman.
"Still you smile!" she ranted "Have you no shame? I think it's time for the
second course of your meal!"
Messygirl lifted up a jug of thick brown gravy and tipped the contents straight
into the top of my blouse. I shuddered in delight as the congealed mess coated
my wobbling breasts and stained the white blouse. The brown flow rushed deep
inside on its way to the waistband of my skirt. I felt my hardening nipples push
against the thin clinging material.
Messygirl flung her arms up in a show of despair. "Fellow diners!" she pleaded
"I seem to have run out of gravy. Can you supply any more?"
Grinning extras rushed to her side carrying bowl after bowl of the congealed
liquid that she continued to pour over my receptive breasts. There was no way
that the smile would be taken from my face. The slopping flow around my sodden
orbs had me in a grip of absolute delight. This was supposed to be some sort of
punishment but the gentle slithering of the slimy lumpy mixture had aroused my
inner juices. The brown mass heaving within the tight blouse started to seep
through the straining material and I felt a slow moving trickle of the mess
begin to filter through to my panties.
For a moment I shut my eyes, as the pleasure seemed to increase.
I didn't know it at the time, but Messygirl was finding the sight of my
saturated upper half a bit of a problem. She couldn't control herself as she
admired my alleged 'suffering' and, despite the script, she felt the urge to
relieve her own messy tensions.
She moved behind my chair, leaned forward and plunged her hands into the sodden
blouse. Each hand grasped a slimy breast and her gentle fingers caressed my
sloppy gravy covered orbs. She found my nipples and her nimble fingers softly
rubbed the hard excited area. My initial surprise was replaced by a low moaning
and deep breathes within my throat; pleasure not pain. Messygirl gently lifted
my breasts out of my bra and cupped her willing fingers underneath them. I was
squirming in my chair as she massaged and manipulated the receptive handful of
wobbling flesh within her grasp. Silently I begged 'Please, please don't stop!
Suddenly a shout reverberated around the almost silent studio and we were both
jolted back from the edge of desire.
"Cut! cut! cut!. What the devil are you doing Messygirl?" the director
demanded "You were supposed to be punishing her - not giving into your own
He was livid but Messygirl knew that the way forward for the film lay in a
different direction to the original script. Both he and Messygirl were in
animated conversation for a few minutes. They eventually returned.
"Sara, I have decided to change the script slightly!" he glanced at Messygirl,
who stood with a look of triumph on her face. "Messygirl will give you another
course of the meal but then you will then get to turn the tables, so to speak,
on her!"
"Ok, everyone, places pleases, action - Take two!"
Messygirl reverted to her angry character.
"Stand up, you despicable girl and have your desserts!"
I stood up to my full height, soup and gravy dripping, and smiled angelically
down at her, Messygirl bent forward, gripped the hem on my black skirt and with
a cry of success tore the skirt from my body, the broad belt still tightly
hugging my waist and gripping the bottom of my blouse but revealing my white
panties and long shapely legs. Messygirl had the eager look of someone about to
enjoy her next actions.
"Dessert is served!" she gloated.
She pulled forward the elastic of my panties and poured a jug of thick custard
into the flimsy material. I sighed, I squirmed, then I looked down to see a
steady stream of yellow slowly but surely dribble down the inside of my legs. I
was having to smile through gritted teeth as I fought to curb my emotions. I
wanted to rub my fingers into the sticky sloppy mess that clung to my assets in
the underwear. I knew from experience that touching the front of my custard
filled panties would probably bring me to a climax. I looked skywards and
clenched my fists as I strove to avoid touching the throbbing inside the flimsy
material. Then I felt Messygirl clutch the wide tight belt around my waist, I
felt the clasp spring open, I felt the torrent of brown gravy that had been
retained in my blouse surge out and pour down my legs into my shoes.
"And now, young lady, the final touch!" sneered Messygirl.
She pushed me backwards and my highly aroused body tottered back, as if in slow
motion, I collapsed onto the chair. A thick moist cream cake took the full
force of the impact as I helplessly fell on to the seat. The strawberry filling
shot everywhere, some in the air, some on to the floor but most of the gooey
cream surged up between my legs in a fountain of sloppy mess. I just sat there
in a state of total arousement and contemplated the comical abuse of the last
few minutes.
"Cut!" shouted the perspiring director, his clipboard held in front of his
groin area. "Very good both of you. Now we will give Sara the chance to clean
off the mess surrounding her nubile body and then the opportunity to get her
revenge on you, Messygirl".
A worried look appeared on Messygirls' face "But I wanted to be considered a
serious actress!" she said with a pleading tone to her voice.
"Serious? serious?" said the director "All I can promise is that you will be
seriously covered in as much mess as Sara can possibly give you in as short a
time as possible!"
Messygirl and I walked off the set with different thoughts racing across our
minds. Me, still on a wave of sloppy enjoyment and Messygirl worried about her
prospects of achieving the heights of fame in theatrical circles. Both of us
now knew we were never to reach the goal of Hollywood stardom but consoled
ourselves in the knowledge, that between us, we had made many people happy with
our own brand of entertainment.
The second scene was to be shot in a few minutes. I couldn't wait but Messygirl
went to her dressing room knowing that she may just get a little messy later
that day. And she had good reason to be worried!!!

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