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Lane's Dream Session

By Anonymous

Lane saw the the two large buckets of buttercream -- one red, and one black -- and giggled. This was going to be the start of a fantastic messy session.

Sitting naked on the floor next to the buckets, Lane took a handful of the black buttercream, and spread it over her right foot and up to her knee, then took more and spread it over her left knee and up to her hip; she then took the red buttercream and spread it over the parts of the legs that weren't covered.

She alternated with black and red buttercream until she had a lickable, gooey "Harley Quinn" outfit covering her body.

It ended with the tips of her pigtails coated in black and red buttercream.

She then heard some gentle cooing from the side.

Debbie wanted to play.

Positioned by the fucking maching, with a lot of pies, Debbie signaled Lane to come over. After activating the device, Lane picked up some pies, and asked if Debbie was ready. Debbie giggled, and got penetrated anally by the device. Every other thrust in her ass was timed by Lane smooshing a pie into Debbie's face.

There was one pie left, and Lane wanted to have her untouched face get pelted with this pie, either by her own hands, or Debbie's.

But someone else wished to play.

Dressed in black heels, sitting in a chair with her "magic wand", Candle grinned lovingly at Lane.

Lane saw several pies sitting next to Candle, and started to smoosh them in her face, first separately, then as sandwiches.

With the "wand" in her hand, she put it by her smooth pussy, and began to put it on medium. When she felt she was about to squirt, she signaled to Lane to pie her; she pied Candle as hard as she could. The force of the pie almost equalled how hard she came, and Lane could tell. Candle wanded herself again, and was pied harder than she was last time! Both ladies loved this.

But there were a few pies left, including the one left over from Debbie's corner.

Lane helped the now-twitching Candle out of her seat, and sat down; the buttercream on her butt almost made her slide out, but she kept her balance.

She kept the pie in her hands, but wanted the other pies launched at her sexy face. Candle didn't disappoint.

4 pies were launched with pinpoint precision to Lane's face, and she loved each and every hit. She then took the pie she'd been longing to get pied with moments before and gave herself a brutal, but sexy, self pieing. She then stuck out her tongue and went "Nyah!"

Without warning, a LARGE bucket of green slime was poured on her head and face.

She laughed at her plight, but she was confused.

It was just her, Debbie and Candle; there were no buckets of slime around.

So who poured it?

She looked up, trying to find who could have poured this. As she did, another bucket of slime was poured onto her. The first one lasted 40 seconds; this time, it was 50.

"Got enough to share with the rest of us?" Lane wanted to see who had said that.

She saw who had done it.

Sitting in a large metal tub of pudding was Vicky; she signaled Lane to come in and join her. Wiping the goo off from her eyes so she could see where to go, she obliged.

The two fit surprisingly well together in the tub, given Vicky's voluptuous frame. They both submerged in the pudding, then laughed as they licked each other's tits and faces.

They both gave each other a friendly kiss, which was interrupted (or enhanced!) with yet another mystery bucket of slime. This one seemed to last a full minute.

Lane had never felt this dirty in her life, but she was loving it.

But the slime was coming from somewhere.


She then realized...this has to be a dream.

"Figured it out, huh?"

She knew who said this. It was the boss lady herself.


In a large tub full of mud, she signaled Lane to enter. "I'm already dirty; may as well. Besides, it's a dream," she said.

The two writhed and made out in the mud. As they got into position for a 69, Lane woke up.

She was embarrassed, but not all too surprised, that she came in the bed she was sleeping in. Sweaty and panting, she grinned.

She phoned Leah and told her "Hey, uh, I have a good idea for a custom video. Not sure if they're up for it, but there needs to be multiple ladies involved."

The End

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