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By Anonymous

After Jasmine read the script, and saw the substances to be used to the side of the room, she smirked at Leah, then said "You either love me, or hate me."

Leah laughed, and replied "I love ya. You know I do."

Jasmine sat in a chair, wearing a nice black shirt, and a pair of jeans. No shoes or socks on her; she knew they'd be ruined, so no need for them. Plus, the script didn't call for her to wear them.

To her right stood Debbie, wearing what appeared to be laboratory equipment (lab coat, goggles, etc.) She was not dressed to get messy.

Debbie spoke up. "Jasmine, as you know, this site is one of the most popular WAM sites in the world. As such, we need to be at the forefront, always growing and adapting, and trying new methods. Understand?"

"Sure, that makes sense," the sexy Latina replied.

"What we're here to do today is test new triggers. New words, phrases, and scenarios to let messy events happen. Ready?"

"Oh, it's happening now? Okay," she said, then let out a huge sigh.

Jasmine sat there for 5 seconds, cautiously. Not knowing what to expect, she uttered "Hey! I thought we were--"

Her sentence was ended when a massive pie was launched at her face.

"The unexpected pie! Successful," said Debbie, who then proceeded to check off on her clipboard.

Jasmine giggled, then cleared her eyes. "Okay, I can expect it now."

A mischievous grin crept upon Debbie's face. "Oh? You're not... nervous now?"

"No. I'm not scared."

Upon saying this, 5 gallons of thick, creamy yellow slime cascaded on Jasmine's hair and face; She faced upward, allowing the goo to coat her lovely looks. She did have a look of confusion.

"What was that?!"

"New trigger words. The word 'scared' is synonymous with fear, cowardice...being yellow. Thus, yellow slime," said Debbie, who then checked off her clipboard again.

Jasmine sighed "This is gonna be a long test."

"Don't be like that. Don't be down on yourself."

"I'm not," said Jasmine. "I'm not sad or anything. It's just that--"

This sentence was cut short by a large bucket of blue slime. Laughing, Jasmine shook her head in disbelief. The slime flowed between her toes; she twiddled them playfully.

Clearing her eyes, she noticed it was blue this time. "Okay, what set THIS off?"

"You said 'sad,' which is synonymous with blue, get the idea. Oh, have you met the other ladies who work on this site? You've met Tammy and Angela, right?"

"Never worked with them yet, but I'd love to. They're cute little redheads. Oh no..."

She realized what the new trigger was, as 5 gallons of red slime engulfed her looks.

"I guess you catch on quick," said Debbie, who then checked off on her clipboard yet again. " do you feel?"

Giving Debbie a dirty look, Jasmine said "Slimy."

5 gallons of creamy green slime came down.

"I said 'slimy,' not 'slime me'!"

"That was one of the triggers, babe. Sorry. Look, after this, I'll take you out for lunch. Not the lunch you're wearing...but at a fast-food joint. Up for fries and stuff?"

"Yeah, a Coke or something. Something nice and refreshing, so I--"

Chocolate slime descended onto the Latina; she was now a messy blob.

"Wait...what did it then?!"

"It was the word 'refreshing'."

"That set it off?!"

"Man, is there anything that won't get me slimed?"

5 gallons of green slime bombarded her; Jasmine was in the midst of wiping off the chocolate when this had occured.

"As you can tell," said Debbie, "the phrase 'get me slimed' will get it off."

"You're saying this as well; how come you're clean?"

Debbie said "I'm just the scientist; I observe, and try not to be a part of the test. Except for this."

Debbie took a large chocolate pie, and slammed it into Jasmine's face.

"Nice change of pace, right?"


"Would you like another?"

"Yes, please."

Another bucket of slime was dumped on her.

"Not...that. I meant give me another pie!"

A pie was thrown perfectly as Jasmine's gooey face.

"Let me rephrase that. Place a pie in my hand."

Debbie did as was asked, and handed Jasmine the pie. Jasmine said "I'm not gonna give you the satisfaction," then slammed the pie hard upon her own face. After doing so, Jasmine stuck her tongue and went "Nyah nyah!"

Another 5 gallon bucket of green slime destroyed her.

"What...was it...this time," she asked, both confused and a bit angry.

"Normally, after sticking out your tongue following a self-pie, a pie hits you. This site wanted to switch things up, just to keep it fresh."

"I don't know what else is gonna happen now," Jasmine said. A 10 gallon bucket of the thickest, creamiest green slime was unleashed on Jasmine. She looked up, letting all of the goo cascade her.

"Hey, we had to use a control for the test. But you said the words at the end. Waste not, want not! I think this was a successful test, don't you?" As Debbie checked off the last box on her clipboard, Jasmine sat in messy disbelief as to how the test went.

After the much-needed shower, Jasmine asked Leah if they were going to use those new triggers for real.

"We'll see," she said.


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