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All For A Good Cause

By Anonymous

'For the third time at six hundred ladies and gentlemen' 'Six fifty bid' 'Seven hundred' 'Seven fifty' 'Any advance on seven fifty...going.... Going...gone.' The packed room erupted in cheers and several onlookers shook my hand as the Third annual Californian Fetish Festival reached its climax.

The microphone whistled. 'Now then ladies and gentlemen, seven hundred and fifty dollars is an awful lot of money to go to charity, and all I can say is that I'm about to call a girl onto stage who has no idea at all about this challenge.... She's been volunteered by her friends'. Nervous laughter broke out around the room.

'Would you stand up please Messygirl'.

A huge cheer erupted and looking across the room I saw Messygirl slump forward in her seat and put her head in her hands. She looked visibly shocked. Her two partners on either side pulled her to her feet and she was passed a microphone.

'Guys.....I'd love to do this challenge, but I've got to go someplace else straight afterwards, and besides, I'm not dressed to get messy.'

She had a point. In a room full of every conceivable fetish wear, Messygirl's short cocktail dress looked totally out of place yet incredibly sexy at the same time. Chanting and booing began at the back of the room.

'Remember now, this is for charity' began the compere. 'I can tear up the check right now if you wish'?

More boo's and shouting as Messygirl in all her finery looked around the room.

'Okay!' shouted the compere 'who reckons Messygirl is dressed for mess'?

The noise was deafening, then louder still as Messygirl began to be manhandled towards the end of the row with the stark realization that it was no use her trying to resist the inevitable fate.

Dressed in just thin cotton beach shorts I climbed up to the stage to cheers from the audience and strode around the seated Messygirl. Two heavy pails sat on the stage next to her chair. They were full to the brim with black grease.

Once again, the microphone was passed around, this time for us to introduce ourselves. 'Hi, I'm Messygirl...and err.... I really wasn't planning on getting messy today because I'm supposed to be going out for dinner this evening. But I guess I'm not now'.

The microphone was passed to me. 'Hi everyone, I'm Dale and I'm here to see that Messygirl doesn't get to her dinner date'.

Even Messygirl raised a smile at that!

I beckoned Messygirl to stand up so that the crowd could fully appreciate her smart eveningwear. It was a knee length cocktail dress, fully complimented by strappy evening shoes and sheer black hosiery. I couldn't resist lifting the hem of her skirt as she twirled round revealing stockings and a very slinky suspender belt and matching underwear. The audience whistled its appreciation.

Sitting back down I carefully undid each delicate shoe buckle and tickled Messygirls dainty nylon clad toes. To her horror, both shoes were then pushed to the bottom of the nearest grease bucket which sucked and oozed with the movement of each arm. Taking a fistful of grease, I carefully massaged each foot into a black lump, taking particular care to smear the black goo between each painted toenail.

Instinctively, Messygirl raised the hem of her dress to the line of her stocking tops and the creamy white flesh above. As Messygirl held up the hem of the dress, I coated each shapely leg from thigh to calf in a thick layer of the pitch-black gunk. Removing her shoes from the grease bucket I carefully refitted them to Messygirls' feet and naturally, did up the buckles.

Pulling the dress back into position I scooped up two enormous handfuls of grease and held them high above Messygirls lap. As gravity took its course, the wads of black gunk hung lower and lower until a squeal from Messygirl confirmed they had dropped into the crotch of her dress. I knelt down and started to spread the black pile up her tummy, round to her butt and up over her dough-like boobs. Within five minutes Messygirls lovely evening wear was transformed into something resembling a mechanic's rag as handful after handful of black grease was lovingly applied to the whole garment.

'You're enjoying seeing me like this aren't you?' began Messygirl

I stood back, and as if to emphasize the situation, I wiped my filthy hands across the clinging outline of Messygirls breasts.

'Look me in the eye and tell me you aren't secretly enjoying this too' I demanded.

Messygirl stared down at her ruined dress and said nothing.

'Come on!'

'Messygirl, I want you to repeat after me ' Please turn me into a filthy grease pig'.

'Nooo!' wailed Messygirl

A full bucket of black gunge was hoisted above her silky brunette hair.

'Turn me into a filthy grease pig' she blurted.

'Aha!...louder this time please'

I grabbed the microphone and held it in front of her. The crowd fell silent and then in a labored tone came the words ' Please Dale, turn me into a filthy grease pig'. As Messygirl sunk back into her chair, her cheeks burning with shame, the crowd went wild.

Beckoning Messygirl to stand up, the crowd realized what was about to happen and their cries turned to a chant of Off! Off! Off! As I examined the ruined dress for a means of removal. A little nick in the back of the hem was a starting point and the fabric tore noisily and spectacularly right up to her butt where the zipper began, requiring several violent tugs to tear it right up to the collar. Messygirls body shook wildly as the outfit vainly clung to her but eventually it fell from her shoulders into a crumpled heap on the floor.

In front of me stood a vision of sullied beauty as sun-tanned flesh and pristine white underwear sat uneasily next to jet-black grease and ruined stockings. Realizing this air of vulnerability, Messygirl dipped her own hand into the grease bucket and started to rub a black handful around her butt to transform it into a uniform black.

'Hey!' I grabbed her arm.

'You'll become a grease pig when I want you to'.

Messygirl sat down. Another full bucket of sloppier looking disgusting black grease was brought on stage and thoughts turned to how I was going to finish the job in hand. Working from the top down, I carefully began to smooth the foul black grease around her slim neck and shoulders. Gobs of black muck started to run into her cleavage and onto the pristine white bra so I waited no further time in coating the remainder of her upper torso and easing her gorgeous breasts into unconstrained public view. In a second they were coated in creamy goo as my thumbs toyed with her hardening nipples. Messygirl moaned as the audience, now hushed, watched the humiliation take a sexy twist.

Leaving Messygirl for a moment, I darted off stage and returned with a plastic hairbrush and began to carefully brush her lovely permed hair. From the neck up, Messygirl looked like any other girl about town, but sensing she was about to become totally unrecognizable, she blew kisses and stuck her tongue out cheekily to the cheering crowd. The final bucket was heavy and a swift flick of the wrist would be required to deliver its contents to the right place. As the bucket was raised, Messygirl continued to tease the audience until with a final scream, the bucket was upturned and pushed over her head. Wave after wave of thick grease oozed out over her shoulders, and ran down her breasts before forming into a foul lake between her legs and seeping to the floor. It was a disgusting sight.

With no other means of communication with the outside world, Messygirl tapped the upturned container to indicate that things were pretty disgusting on the inside too! Taking hold of the sides of the bucket I tried to ease it off her head but only succeeded in pulling her up off the chair until eventually with a huge squelch, the bucket came away to reveal the alien life form beneath. The audience immediately broke out in hysterical laughter as Messygirl fell back to her seat as an unrecognizable black blob. Under a thick grease mask, the transformation was complete and I lovingly shampooed and massaged the distinctly un-cosmetic face pack into every nook and cranny of her pretty features. Messygirl was speechless. Totally blackened from head to toe, blinded and deafened, she was now utterly vulnerable to my every movement. The removal of her panties in full view of the audience would be the final indignation.

Taking her hand, I brought Messygirl to her feet. With her legs together I started to wriggle down her filthy black panties past her thighs, then knees and then to the floor. Sitting her bare butt back down into the greasy chair, I spread each leg, exposing her neatly trimmed muff to the crowd. The gunging of her own little private place would be Messygirls final act, and after dipping her hand into the grease pot she instinctively smeared the filthy handful right around her fluffy bush until it glistened under an all-enveloping covering of shiny grease. The crowd went wild!

Then came the showstopper. Nothing explicit...just a smile. A broad, bright white smile of pure pleasure. It was the most erotic scene on earth.

The End

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