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Messygirl at the Carnival

By Anonymous

Messygirl found herself wondering if she had done the right thing volunteering for an "adult" carnival for a bunch of local charities. Dressed only in a white g-string and a white t-shirt she looked around at the line that was forming at her booth. She had thought it looked like a good idea when she signed up at the club where she put on messy shows, but now, here in front of this long line of people she felt a bit nervous. Somehow in an hour they were all supposed to be able to mess her up, and the prospect of what kind of state she would be in at the end of that hour was already starting to turn her on.

She looked around for any of the other girls from the club, but couldn't see them through the crowd, but she saw one of them heading up the step-ladder to the dunk booth that she was going to be in tomorrow. Taking a deep breath, she turned to the bouncer from the club that was taking the money and said, "I guess I'm ready."

Taking a couple of steps forward she went and sat down on the bench provided for her. Spreading her legs wide she leaned forward to rest her elbows on her knees to show off her ample cleavage in the low cut t-shirt, licking her lips in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Her eyes casually drifted over to the sign that proclaimed that this was a pieing booth and that for various amounts of money she had to take a pie wherever the customer wanted to smash it. She had quite the line up, pretty much average compared to the other wet and messy booths, which were overall doing better than the more traditional carnival games being staffed by people from the other "clubs" in the area in various states of undress.

Her chaperone at this turned and called out "Face", as the first customer walked up to her and with an expert's touch, smashed the thick custard cream pie into her face. She felt the cold caress of the cream, and then the thick oozing of the custard as it flowed around her features, completely smearing the heavy makeup they told her to put on. He continued to grind it in before finally pulling his hand away, letting the now mostly empty tin fall down between her legs while the remainder of the pie fell off her face or slid down her neck. A smattering of applause came out of the crowd as she wiped her eyes and took a deep breath from the impact. Not recognizing the person, she did get the impression that he wasn't new to this sort of thing.

Licking her lips, and sitting up and back, she purred, "Is that the best anyone can do?" knowing full well that she was really going to get it. The line-up was already exceeding 20 people, and some of the ones that had already been issued pies were holding two in their hands. The next person came up to the line and she heard the call of "Face" before two pies sandwiched her head in a wave of crust, filling and cream. She felt the thick ooze into her ears like some cold, slimy tongues. The pies were then rubbed around her head to make her entire head a mass of pie and crust before the mess plopped down onto the shoulders of her shirt. Taking a deep breath she made sure to sit and pose the mess before giving into her instinct to wipe her face clean of the mess.

The next customer took his position and she heard the call of "Chest", so she picked herself up and walked up to the line that was on the floor, pushing her chest out. As he came forward he smushed the pie into Messygirl's still largely clean shirt. She closed her eyes and sighed as the pie got rubbed around her chest, soaking through the white material of her shirt, staining it yellow, though making her excitement noticeable and proving that the pies still weren't room temperature.

Calls from her chaperone started coming quicker as the time pushed forward on the clock. So far she guessed, no one had paid the top dollar, yet, since pie after pie smashed into her face, her hair and her chest. The pies were starting to show up in different colours now, blues and bright greens mixing with the yellow custard and the white cream. Three more hits went to her face and hair and she felt her hands actually getting gummed up and stuck as she tried to slick back her ruined hair. Her shirt was now completely soaked down the front and was starting to look lumpy from all the crust and filling. She just sat there for a minute enjoying the feeling of the creamy slime coating her face as she rubbed it around, the greasy feeling of it's touch sending shivers up and down her spine. Her hands went all around her face and neck before starting to rub around her chest. The forward movement of the crowd stopped as she did and she could see the flashes from one of the official photographers catching her enjoying herself.

Stopping her hands before they reached the bottom of her t-shirt remembering the rules that if it's clean, it has to stay clean until someone messes it up. "Big dollar ones coming up next", she heard, followed up by the words "Bend over" from the chaperone. Walking over to the barstool that was put into her area, she put her hands down on the seat and stuck her ass out and began wiggling it around in anticipation. Taking a deep breath that she held, she waited for the pie hits.

Messygirl didn't have to wait long for the pies to smash into her wiggling butt, splattering up her back with cream and stinging a bit with the force of the blow. They hit one at a time, one on the right side, one on the left. She let out a moan as the tin from the second pie was rubbed around both cheeks, filling the crack made by the g-string with cold, slimy filing. Biting down on her lower lip she stood up and slid her hands down her back to smear the pie around, making sure to push some of it into the g-string.

The next call was for "face" and she decided to get down on all fours as she saw the attractive guy holding the pie coming forward. Pulling herself up on her knees she looked up and opening her mouth said "Give it to me", in a husky whisper. Smiling he smashed the pie down on her face and she played at pretending to eat it up as he rubbed it into her face before letting the tin slide down her chest to the floor after bouncing off her knees. She heard the call of "Chest" next and decided that her shirt was dirty enough and she wanted to make sure that some of the people part way through the line had someplace clean to use their pies.

Reaching down, she started to gather up as much pie as she could from her shirt and dumped it down in front of her before reaching down and peeling it up slowly over her breasts and her face. She could feel it sticking to her hair as she pulled it off, but the catcalls and hoots and hollers from the crowd as she threw the shirt away and stood up to model her assets. Smiling through the thick layer of pie caking her face she pushed her chest out again and was rewarded with the pie smashing into one of her clean breasts. The hit was a surgical strike that enveloped and teased only one side with the filling and cream, but left the other cooling in the breeze. Bringing her hand up she teased the nipple through the pie as the next call of "face" came down the line and as she continued to play with pie on her breast another smashed into her face.

Messygirl just stood there and rocked slightly with each hit, losing herself in the feeling of the mess. More hits to the chest and face followed and she began to work the pie all over herself from her waist up. Wiping her eyes she could see she was a decent part of the way through the line but the crowd of spectators gathering had grown quite a bit.

"Really big money", was the next call that she heard and she braced herself for this one. Up walked a guy, not in perfect shape but decent enough looking, but he had a tray with about a half dozen pies on it and based on the call she knew where she was going to get all of the pies. "Standing up or lying down?" she asked.

"Up, then I'll tell you when to get on the ground." he answered as he picked up the first pie. The thing that she noticed about the pie was that it wasn't one of the standard issue ones that was being provided, these were extra big and heaped extra high with cream and custard. She placed her hands behind her back and stood straight with her legs slightly apart. The front of her g-string was still pristine and white until the first chocolate cream pie hit it. Messygirl let out a sharp breath, as the pie was smushed into her crotch, then rubbed up and down and between her thighs. The next pie followed up on the work of the first, this time she could feel the round nodules of berries rubbing and oozing against her skin as it was rubbed around. Letting out several sharp sighs she waited for the third hit which went to her face and was ground in for so long, when the tin was finally removed she was glad to gasp for breath.

"Now you can lie down." She heard him instruct.

Obligingly she laid herself down on the ground, opened her legs up wide so the crowd got a good look at her. The two pies that hit here were thrown with an incredible amount of accuracy catching her hard between the legs. Messygirl rocked and moaned each time one of them impacted, splattering cream and filling over her thighs and up her belly. Waiting with baited breath she tried to guess where the next pie was going to go.

"Lift yourself up.", was what she heard next, and she braced her feet on the floor and raised her hips up off the ground. She definitely liked what was going on here as she heard the pie being positioned underneath her. Letting herself go, she let herself drop down into the pie with a loud 'splat' and felt the lumps of pie shoot up her back, tickling her as she worked her butt deeper and deeper into the pie. Her hands at this point were roaming the entire length of her body, smearing the various colours and consistencies of pie filling over her face, rubbing it into her hair and making sure she was covered from head to mid thigh.

Messygirl was only aware of the next calls when they actually hit her. In one case someone stood over her and let the contents of the pie tin rain down on her chest with a loud plop, that she worked into her bath. Two more pies ended up in her face, and the experience was rounded out with one to each foot.

Rolling over onto her stomach, she started sliding around on the pie and plastic covered floor, enjoying the sensation of the pie slop oozing and slipping between her breasts as she wiggled and showed off for the crowd. She could see that she had the crowd in rapt attention and that her chaperone wasn't taking any more tickets.

Taking a minute to regain as much of her composure as she possibly could, she picked herself up off the floor, grabbed some pie from the floor and slid it into her panties, much to the delight of the crowd. Smiling on the inside, and from under her mask of pie, she couldn't wait to get back behind the curtain and get some privacy with the chaperone....

The End

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