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The Mud Queen

By Anonymous

Messygirl stood with her chest pushed out as the audience hooted and hollered at her and the other contestants up on the stage. Her shirt and panties were completely soaked and clinging to every curve of her body as another wave of water went over her and the other contestants. The water was just making the dark blue stains from the pie eating contests even harder to get out and making the whipped cream into an oily smear. Her face was cleaner and less sticky now at least. In the past few hours most of the other people who were at the Agricultural fair had already left, but the few that remained knew of the beauty pagent which was meant for adults only.

Looking around she that her no good, soon to be ex-boyfriend was nowhere to be seen. He was the one who dragged her out to this, then was seen talking with several people, including some slut with Daisy Duke shorts and some rag sized piece of cloth tied across her tits. She had stormed off and was about to leave when she saw the sign-up sheet for the pagent, saw what was required and decided she had what it took. Also looking at some of the farmers around, no matter how crude they were she could tell some of them could definitely plough her good.

So far she seemed to be doing pretty well compared to the other girls, some of them dropped out the moment they saw the pie eating contest but she had dunked her face right into them and managed to get as many of them in her mouth as down her chest and into her lap, but she couldn't help herself since they obviously had plenty of pies. She had lost the ag quiz, but given the fact that the worse the looks, the more they knew about farm life wasn't a shock. Finally was the wet t-shirt and shorts contest, since she had been wearing jeans, she stripped down to her panties, much to the crowd's appreciation now that the water had made them almost as translucent as her shirt.

Striking her pose as the water went back over her, she could see that she most definitely had an edge in this contest, even if she had been wearing shorts. Most of the guys were definitely rowdy and getting quite drunk about now and were pointing at her. She saw the guys who were running the contest nodding and also pointing at her. Deciding to make sure that they picked her she lifted up the front of her shirt as the guy with the hose went back over her and a minute later she heard the announcer declaring her the winner.

As she stood there beaming, completely soaked and slicking her head back she saw the other women stomping off stage. Only three others had made it to the wet-t-shirt contest portion of the pagent and were obviously locals who weren't too pleased that the outsider won. Overall they were hardly the dogs of town and as the pagent organizer came up on the stage she could see at least a couple of them yelling at their husbands.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner.", she middle aged host and organizer said to the crowd. Messygirl could hear several people booing out of the crowd and they weren't just the women who lost. Pulling her jeans back on, she did a victory lap as the sash proclaiming her to be the "Sow queen" of the year, making sure to peel her skin tight t-shirt up to give the guys a good long look at the tits they had voted for. Given how hungrily that several of the audience members were looking at her she could feel herself getting hot and knew that at least tonight she'd be able to find a replacement boyfriend really quickly, and if they were agreeable, living out a fantasy with a few of them at once.

As she strutted around the stage she saw that several of the other contestants were being rallied by the bubbly and chipper one who had been the first to drop out. One by one they came up and took their places behind her on the stage. Moving over to one corner of the stage, she made sure to keep her eyes on all of them, not really trusting them as they came by and congratulated her one at a time. Finally "Ms. Bubbly" shook her hand, congratulated her, and said, "Y'all did us a favour honey.", in a lilting Texan drawl.

"Wha?!", was all she was able to get out of her mouth as the rope went around her chest, and pulled itself tight around her arms and under her breasts. The quick tightening of the rope caused her to exhale and a tug on it turned her around to see that one of the guys had lassoed her and was keeping the rope taut. "What the hell are you doing?!", she screamed as they tugged her towards the stairs that led from the stage.

From behind her she could hear the other contestants laughing at her plight as well as calling out out their thanks that she was going to be taking the brunt of the evening's activities. At this point she didn't know what was going to happen. She quickly scanned the crowd for her boyfriend but couldn't find him anywhere. Finally, reaching the other side of the crowd which was parting before her she saw a large open area. A new floodlight lit up in front of Messygirl, blinding her but clearly showing off her soaked clothing. The next thing she knew she was going up a ramp, hands pushing her back and her ass as she tried to get her bearings and clear the large orange blobs from her eyes.

With one massive shove, she felt herself pitching forward. Falling just over a foot, her arms still tied tight to her sides she landed face first with a loud splat and smush sound. All around her a wave of liquidy muck rippled out from where she hit and she could hear clumps of it landing around her. The smell of the field filled her nose with topsoil she pulled her face out of the goopy mud, it was thick and it stuck to her face as she tried to catch her breath. The mud soaked into her t-shirt and was oozing around her toes and into the legs of her jeans. Panting for breath she tried to wiggle her arms free, which set the crowd off in a roar as she flopped around on her belly in the muck, mixing the water from the puddle on top into the mud.

From the edge of the field she could hear the cries of "Look at the pig!" and "Oink for us Sow Queen!" as she continued to flop around. Almost succeeding to get up on her knees, she felt whoever was holding the rope give her a good tug and she fell sideways back into the disgusting muck. After a second she realized that she was out on the exhibition field where all the heavy equipment was being demonstrated. She remembered seeing them roto-tilling in clay, topsoil, "organic" fertilizer and some slurry from a local swamp that they dumped on the field to show how the equipment wouldn't get stuck. Struggling to get back up on her knees she felt her feet hit something slimy, then pushing down to try to get more leverage, figuring she hit the clay, she felt it give way and she hit something cool and utterly slimy. The black ooze went between her toes and soaked the ankles of her jeans. Squealing she managed to get back on her knees to the appluase of the crowd.

In the harsh light she was a disgusting blob of muck. A thick coating coated her face and lumps of it were oozing down her chest. She felt some of it going over her nipples of her already soaked shirt and even more going down inside her shirt. She could tell that it was ruined, completely stained beyond recovery. Her jeans were also soaked along the front, now some of the muck was squelching and soaking into the ass and the back of her legs. Given how moist she felt even without the soaking from the wet-t-shirt contest and the additional water that was on top of the muck she knew that she was made for this kind of muck.

"You want to see a filthy pig?", she shouted out. The answer that came back was unanimous and positive. "Loosen the ropes and I'll give you a filthy won't believe how disgusting I'll get." Very quickly she saw one of the larger men in the crowd stomp into the muck, sinking up past his ankles of his boots and jeans. He pulled out a knife and cut the rope around her chest, also cleanly slicing her shirt between her breasts before he stomped out again.

Rubbing her arms, to get the circulation back, she reached between her breasts, and pulling as hard as she could, pulled open her shirt, letting her large tits flop out. Reaching deep into the muck she pulled out two handfulls and smeared them over her breasts, sending shivers of delight down her spine. The mud was slimy in part of the globs, but runny in other parts as it slid down over her nipples and she worked them in good. "You guys have no idea what a treat you're in for.", she said in a husky, panting voice.

Forgetting the crowd and their encouragement she got down on all fours and started pushing her face around in the stinky, sticky muck grunting and oinking. She brought herself down just far enough to drag her breasts through the mud as she stretched forward. Pulling herself up, she felt herself sink down past ankle deep and wiped the mud back into her hair. Feeling hot already she reached down and peeled off her jeans, throwing them away into what looked like a very liquidy part of the mud since it was shimmering in the floodlights. Reaching down she began to scoop up mud and slide it into her panties. Spreading her legs apart as she stood there she made sure to stare straight into the crowd as she let the dark mud soak through the white material before she slid her hands down along the front. She ran her hands through her bush and began fingering herself, swaying and bucking her hips as she panted and groaned.

Grunting she dropped to her knees and spread her legs, letting the dark mud ooze up between her thighs. Pulling the elastic forward, she pulled in a large glob of the cool mud forward and let it form a huge buldge in the front of her panties. Sliding two fingers from each hand into herself she soon cried out with animal delight as she came again and again. Ripping at her panties she pulled them down along her legs, and sitting up, let herself fall backwards into the mud, it squished and squirted up between her legs and the cheeks of her ass she she wiggled it in.

"I'm a dirty piggy!", she squealed before plunging her face into what turned out to be a particularly slimy and smelly muck puddle in the mud. She drover her face deep into it as she squealed, grunted and oinked, waving her muddy ass in the air. Pulling her face up so she could breathe again she began to roll and roll and roll around in the mud going into the deeper parts where the clay had dried out and the water was just sitting on top of it in puddles. Grabbing large clumps of the clay, she started using it to plaster her hair into one sticky mass.

Fastening a piece between her legs she began to crawl back towards the crowd, most of whom were just staring slack jawed at her, the creamy clay coating her already filthy crotch and thighs. Standing up she deliberately dove face first into the muck a few times as she made her way over to her jeans, filling them with mud. Sliding them back on she strode back out of the mud, squishing, and oozing around her body, inside and out of her.

"Hey, you said I'm the sow queen. Now one of you get me a good drink, and I'll get back to my kingdom...", she said with a muddy, grin.

The End

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