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The Cottage

By Anonymous

Sara grumbled under her breath as she drove along the twisty, dusty road. So far her new job as a real estate agent wasn't going too well. Here she was, driving across the middle of nowhere, Texas sun beating down on her car, the air conditioner barely able to keep up all because she spilled a coffee over and into the boss's lap.

Stopping at the edge of the road she checked her map for the location of the "cottage" she was supposed to be inspecting for the agency. "Great, out in the middle of nowhere while everyone else gets a shot at actually selling something. I'll never make that quota this month...", she muttered, followed by a long, drawn out sigh.

Checking her map she began to creep off of the shoulder of the road, spotting the clump of trees that marked the cottage's location as she topped yet another hill a few minutes later.

"Finally!", she spat out bitterly, checking the dashboard clock. "Only 3 hours to get here. At least the directions were right and they weren't trying to drive me into a lake or something."

After spending a few minutes trying to find the access road, Sara eventually got on to the rutted track that was just wide enough for her car and proceeded to inch along. She breathed a sigh of relief as the canopy of trees closed up overhead and she imagined that it might almost be tolerable outside the car. Fifteen minutes later she pulled up onto a larger gravel area which was big enough for her to turn around. In front of her was a delapitated wooden "cottage" that was 50 years old if a day.

Turning off her car and enjoying the last bit of cool breeze from the AC, she gathered up her leather bag and her clipboard, let out a big sigh and got ready to do her job. Stepping out of her car she could feel the immediate layer of sweat form on her skin. She wished she could have changed into something more comfortable, but she was sent out of the office without any notice and she didn't have time. Straightening up she smoothed out the front of her white skirt and jacket and could feel the sweat immediately getting into the blue satin blouse she wore underneath it. Her white pumps immediately were getting a coating of dust from the gravel drive as she stepped gingerly towards the cottage. "Thank God for those trees, I'd be dead by now if I was out in the open."

Wrinkling her nose she could smell the humidity and the "rich and lush" vegatation around her. Stopping at the door, she fished the key out of her leather bag and unlocked the cottage door. Stepping inside she began to catalog what was there, putting her best agent "spin" on things.

Stepping out the back onto the small deck she admitted that the whole scene was kind of pretty. Out in front of her was a small pond, the entire area surrounded by a large dome of old trees. Walking to one side of the deck she leaned out to see the shape of the siding when she heard the crack from the wood. Almost dropping her clip board she flailed her arms and managed to fall back away as part of the railing thudded to the ground below, her long brown hair now completely disheveled from the heat, humidity and now the rapid fall.

Letting out a long, deep breath, she got on her knees and got ready to stand up. A groaning noise caught her attention and then a loud crack followed by Sara screaming as the wood under her gave way. Landing with a loud wet thud she hit the wet, black earth covered in rotting leaves on her shoulder and knees a couple of feet under the deck.

"Shit!", she snapped as she realized that the damp earth was now all over the side of her jacket and skirt, and felt clammy against her bare leg. Looking up at the sharp wood above her she reached up and promptly ripped her sleeve in two places. "So I can't go out that way.", she muttered, looking at the dirty and torn sleeve of her formerly pristine white jacket. Sneezing from the earthy and peaty smell under her her hand slid out and she landed face down in the damp earth.

Spitting and cursing she lifted her dirt covered face out of the mess, a big glob of black earth sticking to her nose and some sticky clay with leaves on her chin and cheek. Picking herself up out of the dirt, she peered through the wooden support legs and figured the only way out that would cut her was to crawl out under the deck. Taking a deep breath she began to inch her way carefully through the wet earth, globs of the wet earth sticking to her hands and knees. Finally emerging from under the deck into the light she started swear as she saw the extent of the damage done to her white outfit. One sleeve had three rips going from the cuff to the elbow and were flapping in the breeze with the sleeve and part of her arm covered in damp earth and slimy leaves. There was dirt all down the white front of her jacket and her satin blouse. Her shoes were completely covered with the dirt and the front of her skirt also covered. Her hair was streaked with dirt and leaves all the way down to the small of her back.

Stomping her feet, Sara allowed herself a few seconds of tantrum style cursing and pounding around the dirt. Completely lost to her rage she snagged her foot on a root of one of the larger trees near her and she felt herself pitching forward. Screaming she landed on her knees in an algae pool, the thick green slime splashing her legs and skirt while soaking her shoes. "Damn! Damn! Damn!", she screamed as she pounded the ground as she pulled herself up in the puddle of slime that came up to her ankles. Carefully taking a step forward she felt the sensation of slime around her toes as her foot sank into the stirred up bottom of the sludge and her shoe got suctioned off. Growling she put her foot down in the dirt and reached into the mire for her shoe. Pulling it out it was obviously stained with the mud and large globs of algae poured out of it.

Sighing she brought her other foot out of the puddle and reached in for her other shoe which had come off the same way as the first, and was no surpise to her. With her shoes in one hand, she turned and looked towards the lake which had some sunlight shimmering on the water. Taking a deep breath she admired at the scene, the beam of sunlight cutting through the canopy of trees to make the pond look like something out of a picture post card.

Thinking that this place wouldn't be so bad afterall if one could get around the mud and rotting leaves and the shoddy construction and the fact that it was in the middle of nowhere, she began to work her way towards the pond about 50 metres away. Walking through the grass she giggled at the sensation of the dew in the grass tickling at her feet. She was glad to feel something "nice" against her feet after their dunking in the slime, which had even gotten under her toenails. Walking carefully she let out a yelp as the grass under her feet gave way and she sank up to her shin in thick grey clay.

"EWWW!", she spat out as her face contorted with the slimy feeling of the clay slithering between her toes and up her leg. Grunting with effort she managed to bring out her leg after a couple of minutes, watching the hole fill with water. Sara quickly danced to her feet and retreated the moment that she felt her knees start to sink in the grass as she watched the water fill up the hole. Standing back at the edge of what she assumed to be "solid" ground, she began to look longingly at the clear blue water just out of her grasp.

"Ok, maybe if I get up some speed this will work.", she said to herself and putting her ruined shoes down began to stretch her long, tanned legs out before shooting off towards the lake that was just beyond the grass. Once she hit the area that she sank in she found herself just sinking a tiny bit as long as she kept up her speed. A dozen steps in she felt her foot start to twist in the slimy, wet clay. Despertately she tried to straighten herself out, but Sara started to tilt and her foot slid out from under her.

Twisting in mid air, Sara landed with a loud splat in a grassy puddle spraying clay everywhere as she skidded along in the slippery slime on her side, with one hand flailing and the other being driven straight into the muck. Once she stopped she was on her side with mud piled up to her elbow on one arm and with her face and hair splattered with the dark grey clay. Water oozed up out of the clay to create an oily film that quickly soaked into her outfit making the blue satin blouse cling to her chest adding to the existing clay and grass stains covering her side.

Getting up on her knees and trying to keep the rest of herself from getting any filthier she felt herself sink slightly until her hands were covered in lumpy clay and the mud was grasping firmly at her knees. "Arrgh! All this just to wash up!", she screamed as she tried to get herself up out of the muck. Beads of sweat were forming on her from the effort of trying to free her hands and knees from the clay and after a few attempts and more splashes of the dirty water she managed to get herself standing up, sinking up to her ankles and the clay oozing between her toes.

Smiling to herself she had to admit at least that part of things wasn't too bad, it had been far too long since she had experienced that sensation, but it wasn't nearly enough to keep her from being furious at what had been happening to her all morning. Slogging through the watery, ankle deep clay she finally got to the edge of the pond which was peaceful and still and the water looked crystal clear. Looking around at the edge of the bank she spied the highest point and decided that if she was just going to dunk herself in a lake she might as well just jump in. Slogging her way over to the moss covered boulder on the edge of the pond, Sara climbed up, took a deep breath and jumped.

Pushing off as hard as she could she lept out a few metres with her hair fluttering behind her. Sara hit the water legs first, her feet slapping the water as she came down into a half crouch but as quickly as she hit the bottom of the pond met her, she felt herself pitching forward and with a scream and a splash she went down face first. Sara was half screaming half crying as she pulled her face out of the slimy chocolate brown mud that was lurking a few inches under the water. Her entire outfit was now plastered or stained with the mud, clinging to her every curve and dripping down inside her blouse. Flailing back she landed on her butt with a loud splat and began to sink a bit into the mud.

Greedily the churned up morass quickly flooeded into her skirt and up between her legs. Splashing her hands into the slop out of frustration sprayed more globs of the mess up over her. There she sat with the only sound being the ripples of the water against the edges of the pond and the distant hum of the insects around here. She sat there with her rear sunk into the mud, her legs open and apart, hair plastered and glued together with mud creating the illusion that it was one solid and dripping piece. The weight of the mud had pulled her blouse forward and globs of sticky mud slid down her face and into her cleavage. Sara sat there in a state between shock and rage as the mud soaked into her clothes and dripped down her body.

Flicking a hand to get rid of some of the mud she wiped her eyes and letting out a yell let herself have a full out tantrum in the mud. Her hands splashed and slapped at the mud spraying her with even more filth, she kicked her legs and coated them with more mud as well as spilling more up her skirt. Finally, feeling a bit emotionally spent and confused over what had happened to dump her here in the mud she started to giggle and then laugh.

Scooping up some mud in both her hands she dumped it over her head while laughing hysterically at the messy she had literally found herself in. Slowly she peeled herself up and out of the mud and up onto her knees. Grabbing more mud she began to pour it down her neck and into her cleavage feeling her ruined blouse get heavier. Reaching around she peeled off her torn jacket and threw it towards the edge of the pond before letting herself fall straight back into the sludgy mud mixture with a splat. Writhing around in the mud Sara made sure to completely coat the back of her blouse and shivered as the mud oozed down inside her collar and down her back. Reaching down beside her she grabbed clobs of the liquidy mud and started smearing it over her front from her crotch to her face.

Rolling over Sara dunked her face in the mud and pressed herself down into the mud, feeling it grab at her breasts through her blouse and bra. Pulling herself up she undid her blouse with her muddy fingers and pulled her breasts out of the bra. Grabbing handfulls she began to rub the cool, slippery, slimy mud around her nipples as she rocked her legs in the sloppy mud. Reaching behind her back, Sara let herself go with her instincts. She hadn't played in the mud since for a long time but for some reason she knew that she wasn't going to get out of the pond without giving into the tingling between her legs. Unzipping her skirt she slid out of it slowly, making sure to squelch her shapely bottom in the mud and cover over any last parts of her panties that weren't already muddy.

Pulling the waistband away from her, Sara started filling the front of her panties with the mud, gasping as it slithered its way between her legs. Resting up on her knees she started grabbing roughly at her crotch with one hand while smearing globs of mud roughly around her face with the other. Sara increased the pace of the hand sliding between her legs, causing mud to ooze out the legs of her panties and slide to the backside. Biting down on her muddy lower lip she began to breathe harder and harder before finally letting out a series of sharp sighs and a low grunt of satisfaction as she shook again and again before letting herself fall limpy forward into the mud on her skirt.

Still moaning she began to slither her way out of the mud on her belly, slowly reaching the mire at the side of the pond. Reaching into the interface between the dark brown slime of the pond and the thick dark grey clay of the bank she started to smear the clay over her face and breasts, completely wrapped up in the contrasting feeling of the smooth clay. Now completely smeared with the clay and sitting in a particularly cool and boggy part of the pond Sara smiled as she rubbed a hand around in her panties and grappled with two thoughts. The first being how much she could get this place for, and second how was she ever going to get cleaned up enough for the drive back...

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