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Sara's Black Day

By Anonymous

'Oh but it's gorgeous'

Sara loved trying on expensive new clothes and this was a real treat. Even Messygirl looked envious at her pretty protégée modelling the stunning outfit; an 'off the shoulder' party dress in pale cream with underwear, stockings and shoes to match.

Behind an expensive digital camera, Boyd, an oil tycoon from Texas, similar in appearance to JR Ewing, called the shots.

'Sara…would you mine' lettin' me see those pretty li'l stockin' tops. You got such great legs y' know' he drawled.

Messygirl knew Boyd was a charmer. This was the first time Sara had met him, but at each of Messygirl's previous three assignments with him, he had promised her she could keep the outfit she wore. On each of those three occasions, Messygirl had scraped up the remains of each outfit and put them in a bag for the trash man. Boyd liked to see his well - dressed models get messy…very messy! But for now, without a single custard pie in sight, Sara was enjoying the experience.

Boyd put down his camera.

'Sara…y'know somethin' he said. 'You've garn' to such great lengths t'look pretty for me here today, that I'm gonna give ya' this set a' clothes t'keep.'

Sara's eyes widened. Messygirl had suggested that she should look her best for this shoot and now she knew why. The trip to the hairdressers and time spent doing makeup had all been worth it. Messygirl gave Boyd a knowing grin. She knew his game.

'Okay…we gonna move on to the secon' part of the shoot Sara…y'know the messy part. Now I don't want that outfit a' yours gettin' messy or nuthin' so d'you mind changin' outta it while we get ready in here?'

Grinning like a cat, Sara disappeared into the changing room and very very carefully took off the new set of clothes. Everything was hung neatly. Even the pale cream stockings she removed carefully and placed back in their packet. Dressed only in a towelling robe, Sara returned to the studio to find a much more familiar scene; Messygirl in her jogger bottoms and white tee shirt pulling clear plastic sheeting into place around the floor and walls.

'Hey Sara..mine' givin' me a hand?'

Boyd's voice boomed round the room as he reappeared carrying a large blue plastic barrel into which he emptied the contents of several large corn oil bottles, about 20 pounds of black molasses, two large tins of black masonry paint and several bags of flour. With a stick the size of a baseball bat he stirred the contents of the barrel into a disgusting thick black sludge and scrutinised the black slime as it plopped off the end of his stick.

'Kinda' reminds me of my first oil strike' he said reminiscently.

'Ooooh!' purred Sara, now hanging on every word of the generous philanthropist.

'Want me to test the oil for you?' she said. Sara knew that the disgusting black sludge would be heading her way sometime soon, but heck, it was a small price to pay for her new set of clothes wasn't it?

'Yep, but first I have some extra ingredients' replied Boyd.

Messygirl entered the room with the new outfit in her arms and Sara's face nearly fell off. Horrified was not the word as she watched Messygirl tip the brand new set of clothes into the barrel.

'Sorry Sara' she said.

With the surface tension of the sludge unbroken, Messygirl had to prod the outfit to the bottom of the barrel with the stirring stick, before returning to the dressing room to collect the stockings and shoes which met the same fate.
Boyd loved it. Not only had he got pictures of the expensive outfit being destroyed, he had also captured some great images of Sara's horror and surprise at the loss of her new clothes.

Then Boyd broke the silence;

'Okay, the outfit's yours…getcha' dressing gown off. Let's see ya in it gal'

Sara realised the task she now faced. It was the craziest, most bizarre assignment she had ever been asked to do. Clean and in the nude, she was going to have fish round in that disgusting barrel for clothes to put on in the correct order to dress herself. Oh boy! Bloody Boyd. Not such a charmer now.

Bent over the barrel with her right arm up to her shoulder in black sludge, and her left arm keeping her hair clean, Sara felt very unladylike. Especially as Boyd was snapping pictures of her bottom She could feel items of clothing in the barrel but had no idea what they were. With her first attempt, she pulled out one of the shoes and then finally, a pair of knickers dripping in oil, paint and treacle appeared.

'Do I have to?' she asked.

Realising Boyd was captivated with her neat little muff, she stepped into the knickers and gingerly pulled them up her legs until they were in place.

'That feel good?' Boyd asked.

'Hmmm…like I peed myself' was Sara's sarcastic reply.

Back into the barrel with her right arm and next it was the dress itself, now a heavy sodden mass of cloth which hung shapelessly in Sara's hand, dripping black gunge all over the polythene floor.

'Let me see ya', let me see ya' ' enthused Boyd.

Sara's face was a picture as she drew the saturated black rag over her head and pulled the material down her body.

'God it's cold…it's horrible…yeeeurgh'

'Stop being a baby Sara' chuckled Messygirl.

'Yeah Sara. Besides, you look great like that' piped up Boyd.

With the dress clinging to her like a wet coal sack, the only task remaining was to pull on the stockings. They had to be in there somewhere and this time, Sara stuck both her arms into the sludge and had a good fish around. The slimy nylons were about three feet long as Sara tugged them out of the sludge barrel and with several ladders and tears finally pulled them into place. Shoes on and Boyd was impressed.

'How d'ya feel?' he asked.

'Oily!' said Sara. Putting the underwear on had been bad enough, but the dress had been just foul.

'Mine' if I see those stockin' tops again. I kinda' like those before an' after shots y'know' said Boyd.

With as much glamour as she could muster, Sara slid the filthy hemline up to her thigh and blew Boyd a kiss.

'Ready for the finale?' asked Boyd.

Sara could guess. Her face and hair were relatively unscathed, but Messygirl's appearance with a bucket was a bad omen. Sure enough, Messygirl skimmed off the top six inches of gunge from the barrel and stood with it above Sara's head.

'Let me have it' she said.

With Boyd in front snapping away, Messygirl tilted the bucket and let the disgusting oily flow splash over Sara's head.

Sara's nipples popped out as her dress filled from the inside. Unaware of her predicament, she cupped her breasts and giggled out loud when she realised they were already on show.

Nice…nice…nice' said Boyd.

'Mind if I…?'. Sara reached for the dress zipper, but was stopped by Messygirl.

'Ready for this?' asked Messygirl.

'Huh?' Sara looked round, but already, Messygirl had the zip to the base of Sara's spine and quick as a flash, grabbed the two folds of material and ripped the dress in half. Sara bent forward and let the filthy remains of the dress fall off her body with a shower of filthy black liquor.

'Yeah baby!' cried Boyd, excitement overcoming his photographic enthusiasm.

'Let me see ya' boobies gal.'

Sara obligingly turned and stood upright, letting her perfect breasts bounce into Boyd's viewfinder.

'Ohhh baby!'

Messygirl was already behind Sara, this time with the barrel clutched in her arms. Her tee shirt and jogger bottoms were filthy from the black barrel but she didn’t seem to care.

She started to tease Sara, making her squat on the floor, waiting for the expectant flow of foul black goo.

'Come to Messygirl' she taunted.

Sara looked up at Messygirl. Pretty Sara in her sagging panties, ripped stockings and gunge soaked hair flattened to her head. As she started to smile at Messygirl, dollops of black slimy goo plopped into her face and the slime started to flow.

'Ghrrooooohghg'. Sara's moans were unintelligible as the black slick coated her head and poured over her shoulders and boobs. Boyd was almost creaming his pants as he watched Sara's gunging. With black gunk oozing down her body, Sara opened the waistband of her knickers and let them fill to overflowing before reaching up into the barrel, to pull down handful after handful of thick black molasses into her face until she was utterly unrecognisable.

There was a disgusting squelch as Sara sat back onto her bottom, unbalanced and totally disorientated in her filthy state.

'Mom…help me mom!' she moaned.

Messygirl and Boyd both laughed.

'That's messy baby…waddya' reckon Messygirl?'

'Feeling jealous that's what' replied Messygirl.

Sara sat still. She was now totally black.

'I wanna' be clean' she wailed.

As Sara stood up, Messygirl finished her indignity by pulling her panties to her knees before allowing Sara to wipe her eyes on her tee shirt. Both girls started to laugh.

'Bitch!' cried Sara.

Messygirl was still laughing as Sara yanked Messygirl's tee shirt up over her head. She knew her friend wasn't wearing a bra and two big, black hand prints over Messygirl's ample breasts were her just reward.

It was a lovely final shot. The two girls, breasts mashing together in a fond 'kiss and make up'.

'Like I said…the outfit's yours Sara' quipped Boyd.

'Trash sack please Messygirl'

'One trash sack coming up'

What a charmer!

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