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The Audition part 2

By Anonymous

When everyone was in place the director yelled “Action!” and once again Kelly uttered the words: “Oh look I’m only half covered.” A barrage of mess followed; the pies hit her smack in the chest, in her lap, and on her left thigh, one bucket of batter caught her square in face, one on the left side of her torso, and one smack in the middle of her pubic region, almost knocking off her bikini bottom, but she quickly adjusted it. The bikini bottom incident caused her to blush, but no one could see it under the glistening layer of yellow batter. The laughter was loud and strong as Kelly stood there shaking her head in disbelief. “I thought this was only gonna be a five minute skit.” She said laughing; the rest of the room now in uproarious laughter. “You poor thing,” said Pam, soothingly, while she poured what was left in the bottom of a bucket of yellow cake batter directly over her head! If she was feeling a little sorry for her friend she wasn’t showing it. “I feel like a giant bird just took a shit right over me,” Kelly joked, as globs of the goopy yellow batter slid down over her eyes, covering her face.
At this point Kelly was completely creamed, from head to toe. She stood for a minute, motionless, dripping with batter and pie filling. The bikini shone wet and translucent against her skin and her not so white anymore high-heeled shoes were filled with a sticky slimy goop. Kelly could feel everyone’s eyes were on her as she absorbed the vibe from the room. She then removed her high heels and squished her toes through the deep creamy mess she was standing in. “I got creamed,” Kelly said in a matter of fact way. She cleared her eyes and smiled at Pam who was still relatively clean and holding the last messy item, a large chocolate cream pie. Pam returned her smile, and then watched as her friend began to smooth the cream and batter residue evenly all over her body. Kelly began with her feet, slowly working her way up her legs, torso, neck and head. After what were some very sexy minutes for everyone, Kelly finished playing; her bikinied body stood tall and beautiful, gleaming from every pour like a candied Easter bunny. “So when do we get messy?” Kelly jibbed. A big smile curled across her face making her even more beautiful. She glanced up and saw the transfixed gaze of everyone in the room focusing on her. The laughter again began to well up inside the studio, a genuine laughter, she had won everyone over and they all loved her. She felt a warm sensation again rise in her body, only this time it was much more intense, a little more directed. She unconsciously rubbed the side of her bikini bottom, disguising it as if she were still cleaning herself, but as her fingers touched her skin a powerful sensuous fire surged throughout her groin and she let out an inaudible sigh. The whole room went a little fuzzy and it was almost as if she were in a dream, the dull roar of the laughter seemed to feed the fire that was building within her.
Pam began to speak softly to her, “Are you Ok, your eyes kind of went back in your head for a second?” “Yeah I’m Ok,” replied Kelly, trying to compose herself by giving her friend a reassuring smile. “I just feel kind of naked here standing in front of everyone in only a bikini.” “Don’t worry Kel,” Pam replied lovingly, “you’ve got a killer bod and everyone knows it, just take a look around, you’ll be in all these guy’s dreams tonight. “And that’s a good thing?” replied Kelly, back to her old self. “Well I won’t be,” said Pam, “and I kind of wish I was, just look at that good looking guy over there, hell, is everyone in the movie business a god?” “Anyway,” Pam continued, “you were the one who wanted to do this.” “Oh yeah! Kelly grinned back.
Kelly had fooled nearly everyone except Pam, who could tell by the look on her friends face just how much she had just enjoyed that last bit. It was at this point that Pam decided to really give Kelly a good time. The director broke in: “Well that’s about a rap, but we have one more item left, girls, what will it be, how shall we end this?” The room filled with electricity as the studio environs waited to see what Pam and Kelly would come up with. Everyone was grinning and poking one another. There was one more pie left and Pam was virtually clean, the obvious choice was to pie Pam with it and obviously everyone in the studio thought so as well. But neither Kelly, nor Pam really liked the obvious, so when Kelly leaned over and whispered in Pam’s ear a big smile crossed Pam’s face and they nodded to each other. “Ok we’re ready,” said Pam, “let’s do this.”
“Action!” Said the director, and everyone again focused on the two girls. “You know,” began Kelly with an infectious smile, I really made a mess of things tonight and I ruined your show so I suppose I deserved what I got.” Well you were a pest, Kel, but maybe I went a little overboard, so I forgive you,” offered Pam. “Oh thanks,” said Kelly sarcastically, “but I’m not so sure I forgive you.” “Whatever do you mean?” queried Pam, raising her eyebrows effectively. “Well you know they say chocolate is good for the skin, it has natural vitamin E and healthy oils,” Kelly preached as she picked up the soft chocolate cream pie and walked over to Pam, examining it on the way. Kelly continued, “I think I know what might be best for this pie,” as she tossed it back and forth in her hand. Kelly could feel the pressure of everyone willing her to put the pie in Pam’s face and just when everyone thought she would, she put the pie down on the counter and asked the stagehand she had teased earlier if he would like to come up and help. Eagerly the young stagehand offered his services and Kelly whispered some instructions in his ear. He broke out into a huge smile, nodded, and picked up the pie.
Kelly began, “Well Pam, just to make this fair, I picked someone in the audience who has been forced to watch this whole horrible program and I’ve asked him to show you just how he feels about you staying so clean through all of this.” “Uh-Oh,” replied Pam as she moved directly in front of Kelly to face the stagehand. The Stagehand’s gaze was all over Kelly’s body, however, so Kelly took a brief moment to take him by his head, leaving messy handprints on both sides of his hair, and turned his head so that he was looking directly at Pam. Laughing, Kelly moved back behind Pam and said, “Ok, show her how you feel.” This was Pam’s queue to duck and as the stagehand reached across to place the pie in Pam’s face, he instead hit Kelly’s, perfectly, turning the pie gently to each side to get the maximum effect.
Kelly once again felt the cool shock of a pie to her face. The smooth chocolate cream enveloped her and the enticing smell that followed dominated her nostrils. She felt the young man’s hands push the pie to one side and then back again, knowing full well how much he must be enjoying the moment. She felt the pie pan drop away and once again felt the warmth of the lights on her face. Through the cream she heard laughter fill the room once more. It filled her senses and her body began to ache with pleasure.
Pam, curbed her laughter, whispered something in the stagehand’s ear and then walked over to Kelly. The stagehand slipped away in a hurry and exited out a side door. Pam watched him leave, then took a taste of the chocolate on Kelly’s face and said, “I guess he really showed me how he felt.” Kelly cleared her eyes, opened them slowly, looked at Pam and pouted, then to everyone’s surprise she let out a deep sexy laugh, It was obvious to Pam that Kelly was getting very turned on by the laughter of the crowd. She watched as her friend smoothed the rich chocolate cream over her features and down her neck, and body, licking her fingers often to taste it. Soon the chocolate cream filling began to melt under the hot stage lights and Kelly began to look as if she had been dipped in chocolate. Pam began to laugh at her. “I know I must look funny,” Kelly said, feeling for the first time a bit self-conscious, at that moment the stagehand returned with a cart of fresh pies, he had pilfered from supply. Kelly looked over at him in disbelief. Pam waited for the stagehand to bring the pies over to her, thanked him and gave him a wink, then she picked up what looked to be a banana cream pie and swung around to Kelly. Pam said, “I don’t think your quite messy enough” she then took the pie she was holding and proceeded to squish it down the small of Kelly’s back and into her bikini bottom, flicking open the elastic band as she went. She pushed the contents of the pie into Kelly’s butt crack, and Kelly’s mouth opened up in both surprise and enjoyment as the cream filling oozed out around her bottom and squished out between the front of her thighs.
The cream filled the crack of Kelly’s ass and leaked into her private region. Kelly’s pretty mouth parted a little as Pam gave her a little spank on her bottom to seal the deal. Pam then picked up another pie and placed it on a counter stool. She then brought Kelly over to the stool and sat her down on it. The accompanying squish her bottom made when it contacted the pie filled the studio with laughter. Kelly looked out at all the studio people laughing at her. The sights and sounds of everyone’s enjoyment invaded her mind, as the cream began to liquefy from her body heat and tickle into her private parts. She enjoyed the feeling as the sensuous substance tickled her vagina and she had to resist the temptation to move her hands down there and play with it. Kelly then felt another squishy sensation around her belly button as Pam squished another pie offered by the young man down her front and into her bikini bottom. The sensation was overwhelming! And Kelly was struggling to remember she was in a room full of people. Pam began to walk around behind Kelly. As she passed to Kelly’s left the stagehand discreetly slipped her something out of his pocket. Kelly caught a glimpse of the item and tried to contain her shock, but the surprise of seeing a small vibrator in her friend’s hand was hard to mask; she didn’t know what to do, so she just let Pam continue.
Everyone was still laughing, shocked that not only had Kelly received the chocolate pie, but for the most part appeared to be in for a lot more. Since she was such a good sport, and so good looking, it was indeed a pleasure for everyone, as they watched Kelly getting the worst of it from her friend. No one had a clue that Pam was now holding the makeup artists vibrator, other than the stagehand, who stood directly in front of Kelly to provide a little cover while Pam began to position the device.
Pam gently slid the small dildo under Kelly’s bikini bottom; she did this from her rear so that no one would see. When she had the device in just the right spot she carefully pushed only a small portion of the tip of it into Kelly’s anus. Kelly’s sphincter tightened by reflexive action as the tip penetrated, causing a similar action around her clitoris. As the skin around her clitoris tightened, the tiny bit of friction it caused sent a sensation of immense pleasure cascading through Kelly’s body. Kelly went a little limp and she bit her lower lip trying desperately not to moan aloud. Pam continued to gently move the dildo ever so slightly in and out of Kelly’s anus. Huge surges of pleasure enveloped Kelly and she could barley contain herself; her body quivered with excitement. Everyone in the studio, besides Pam and the stagehand, presumed that Kelly was shivering because she was cold. Kelly felt awkward and deliciously nasty as she looked out into the studio and saw the oblivious and happy faces waiting to see if Pam would really use the rest of the pies on the cart, on her. Kelly drew a deep breath and for a moment regained some control of the pleasure she was feeling. Pam was grinning as she deftly removed the vibrator from Kelly’s ass and slipped it under the stool where it was lost in the mess on the floor. “Let the cleaning people guess what happened,” she thought to herself.
There were four pies left on the cart, two banana, and two coconut cream. Kelly motioned the stagehand to bring them over. She took the two coconut pies in both hands and had the stagehand do the same with the bananas. “Let’s show Kelly what we really think of her,” said Pam, “tauntingly.” Kelly, which flavor of pie do you prefer? “Oh I prefer banana,” said Kelly, as she looked up at both of them, submissively, still on the verge of the best orgasm she’d ever had. “Very well,” said Pam, directing the stagehand “You first,” “Ready, now, on three; one; two; three ”
Kelly’s eyes were only half open as she heard Pam say “three.” Sitting now with her hands between her legs she had imperceptibly slipped off her bikini bottom with the backs of her thumbs. Kelly had just slipped her bikini bottom down below her labia when the first pie struck, and her face was immersed in thick cloud of creamy banana filling. Kelly loved the taste and smell of the pie as her fingers gently began to massage her clitoris, covered from view by the residue of the earlier pies in her lap. She felt warm all over, uncaring if anyone knew, or could see, what she was doing. The next two pies struck her on either breast, and she could faintly make out the smell of coconut. Pam’s hands expertly smeared the coconut cream all over her friend’s bikini top, down her chest, and across her well defined abs, her hands stopping just before the pubic region, but low enough to know find out what Kelly was up to. “Having fun down there?” Pam whispered in her ear. Kelly sighed and murmured a sultry “Mmmhmm.” Kelly’s eyes remained closed as she fondled herself carefully, and with great stealth, bringing herself to the very edge of the most intense pleasure she had ever felt. She had brought herself expertly to the brink and she now waited for the perfect moment. The room filled with laughter, as Pam picked up the final pie in one hand and pointed at Kelly with her other, shaking her head yes. The sound of the laughter instantly brought Kelly to the most powerful climax she had ever known, her entire body shuddered and she reached up with her left hand to grab her friend’s arm. Which looked normal to everyone as that was the arm Pam was using to hold the pie. This caused Pam to put the pie back on the counter. Kelly momentarily blacked out, but quickly regained her composure and secretly pulled her bikini bottoms back up with her other hand! “You look marvelous dear,” Pam said, in a poor Latino accent, aware of what had just happened. Kelly tried to laugh, but a deep sultry “ha” was all that came out. Pam then leaned over her friend from behind and said, “Lets get you cleaned up.” With delicate care Pam began to clean the banana cream filling from Kelly’s face. Kelly was flush with pleasure and as she felt the touch of her friend’s fingers and she seductively moved her head up and at an angle in a show of acceptance. As Kelly’s head tilted up the studio lights illuminated her pretty face, creamy yellow hues glistened on her skin and along her beautiful features, enhancing her predicament. Pam was taken aback by her friend’s beauty, she slid her fingers across Kelly’s beautiful skin and realized that though she had looked at her friend hundreds of times, she had never really looked at her. She continued to clean Kelly’s face, admiring her high check bones and lovely almond shaped eyes. As Pam finished she stood looking at her friend lovingly, with a hint of lust in her eye. Kelly opened her eyes, looked back up at her, winked, and said, “Thanks for the facial.”
The last pie in the studio, the second banana cream pie, was sitting on the island right next to Pam. Kelly was still sitting on the stool as Pam picked up the pie and handed it to her. Kelly accepted it, and then made eye contact with everyone in the studio as she held it up in her right hand. “You know,” began Pam, keeling down directly in front of Kelly with her hands submissively behind her back, “I think I deserve this last pie,” “I couldn’t agree more,” said Kelly, “taking a taste of it, what do you think audience?” she continued playfully, “should I let her have it?” A resounding “Yes” came back from the studio workers. “Well, there you have it,” stated Kelly, “the people have spoken.” “We must do the will of the people,” replied Pam, starting to get excited by the idea. “Ok, now stick out your hands and close your eyes,” tempted Kelly. Pam closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable, but it never came, instead, Kelly simply placed the cream pie back in Pam’s hands and said, “There ya go, I let you have it.” Kelly was grinning broadly and never looked cuter as she said softly to her friend “see I was listening, you stay clean, and I get messy, it’s funnier that way.”
Pam thought it odd that she would actually feel so disappointed not to get the pie in her face; however, she quickly recovered and fell into character. “No stupid, this is how you let someone have it.” And with great force she took the banana cream pie and smashed it into Kelly’s face, obliterating both the pie and her friends face. Pam had sent the pie into Kelly’s face with such force that pieces of the crust had actually hit the back wall. The laughter in the studio was uproarious as Kelly shook her head violently, flipping banana cream onto the people near the door. “What was that for?” Kelly asked Pam, as she began to laugh. “Your last pie of the day sweetie,” said Pam condescendingly. “What a way to end,” said Kelly, laughing and wiping the cream from her eyes. Pam picked up her friends queue and continued, “We’ll that concludes our show, hope you enjoyed cooking with Pam, make sure to tune in next week when we show you how to make chocolate éclairs.” Kelly’s opened her eyes wide as she turned directly to the camera and said “Oh shit!”
The studio broke out in laughter and applause, the director shouted “bravo!” and the people on the floor came up to shake Pam and Kelly’s hands, but first a towel was given to Kelly. “You gals are funny, first rate performance,” said the director, “I think we can find a slot for you next week, what do you think Linda?” The producer had stayed and watched the entire skit, not her normal modus operandi, but she appeared to be enjoying herself. “Yep, I think we can use some of this, the producer said back to the director.”
“Great now everyone can see you masturbate while I cover you with pies,” whispered Pam in Kelly’s ear. A look of terror came across Kelly’s face, “You don’t suppose anyone will know, do you?” as she wiped her hair down with the towel. “I’ll know,” teased Pam, which brought about a sharp poke to her ribs by Kelly’s elbow. “No,” said Pam, shaking her head, no one will know.” “Oh my God, what about that stagehand?” said Pam, beginning to freak out a little. “No worries, he’s my cousin,” said Pam reassuringly. Kelly let out a big sigh as she heard the director telling them when and where to come back tomorrow in order to sign the releases and get paid. “Well you were right Kelly, this was fun!” said Pam jokingly. Kelly was looking down at the floor, feeling good, but also guilty. “You know, I gotta start reading books or something,” Kelly said subdued, “they’re much safer.” “But not nearly as much fun,” quipped Pam, as she led her friend back into the dressing area for a well deserved shower.

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