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Mon, Jul 17
The Tarred and Feathered Cheerleader
Rival cheerleader Amy is tarred and feathered
Amy and Penelope are rival cheerleaders. It turns out that Amy stole the mascot from Penelope's school. So now it's payback time. Amy is dragged in by Penelope with a ball gag and chain face harness. Penelope puts on her gloves and proceeds to cover Amy head to toe in black tar. Once covered, Penelope then covers Amy with chicken feathers. Penelope can't help but laugh at Amy, who now looks like a human chicken. Penelope then cuts off Amy's outfit, to expose her clean tits, ass and pussy. What a site that is. Penelope then makes Amy cluck like a chicken. Penelope finishes the job by covering Amy's clean parts with more tar and feathers. Now totally covered, Penelope pulls Amy around the room and makes her cluck.