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Mon, Nov 06
Vika Had it Coming to Her
Vika is destroyed with savory foods after complaining to a reastuant manager
Vika is a bitching customer. She doesn't like her hamburger and lets the manager know about it. When the manager has had enough of her bitching, he shuts her up by stuffing the burger in her mouth. Next comes a savoy onslaught of sour cream, mustard, ketchup, ranch and 1000 island dressings. Poor Vika is a total mess, but the manager is just getting started. Vika is now nude, and her mouth is stuffed with hot dog wieners. She then has cold sour cream rubbed all over her face and tits. This is followed with more mustard. ketchup and salad dressing. Just when she thinks it`s over, out comes the treacle. Vika's head and face are engulfed in the dark sticky stuff. You will get a kick from the gargling sound Vika makes as she breaths with the mess over her face and wieners in her mouth.