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Mon, Dec 04
Auntie Emma's Playhouse
It`s messy chaos on the Auntie Emma`s Playhouse Show
It's "The Auntie Emma's Playhouse Show" starring Emma and co starring Bobo the Bear. Emma welcomes the viewers and tells them the show is brought to them by the letter P and number 10. She tells Bobo she wants him to help her by showing what begins with the letter P. He shows a pencil and then ten pencils. That is followed with ten sheets of paper. Then he shows a pie, but Emma wants to know if he has ten pies. That turns out to be the wrong thing to ask, because Bobo proceeds to slam 10 pies hard into Emma's face. He even adds an 11th pie for good measure. Emma is pissed and fires Bobo on the spot. This makes Bobo very mad. So he strips Emma's top off and pours green slime over her head. Bobo even grabs her tits a few times during the assault. The scene cuts abruptly with a technical difficulties notice. When the cameras are back on, we see Emma trying to clean off, but soon discovers that she is becoming aroused. She then preforms for the camera with her new show "Auntie Emma After Dark".