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Mon, Feb 19
A Bad Day at the Spa 2
Kerri Taylor is destroyed at the spa
Kerri Taylor is a bitchy spa customer and Amy is the attendant. Kerri is ready for her oil and mud treatment, but comes in with a bad attitude, and Amy has to get the brunt of it. Kerri keeps insulting Amy throughout the rub down. When it's time for the clay, she tells Amy to not get it on her face and in her hair. By this time Amy has had enough of her bitching, and starts to slather Kerri's face and head in the thick clay. Amy shows no mercy as she keeps layering the clay all over Kerri's face and body. Before you know it, Kerri looks like a clay monster. When Amy is done with her, she tells Kerri the showers are not working, and pushes her out into the lobby. Kerri blindly walks away.