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Mon, Feb 04
Pie Temptation 2
Amber pies herself very hard and often
Amber is trying to resist the temptation of smashing pies in her face. She holds a pie, but places it back on the table. Then she takes it again and smashes the pie in her face. This sets her off a continuing stream of pies to her face. She never wipes her face, so she blindly reaches for the pies on the table. She becomes aroused and strips nude so she can rub the pie slop on her tits. She even pies her pussy a few times. After she has been creamed with 20 plus pies, she takes a can of whipped cream and sprays it in her mouth. After her mouth is full, she lets the cream ooze out. She finishes herself off by grinding her slippery pussy on the chair. Lucky chair!